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upndThe PF would have us believe that the one area it has delivered on is infrastructure. But before they ask you to sonta again this is the truth behind their lies.

In 2011 the PF went on a shopping spree to finance road construction without looking at how much money they had in the bank. In just three years, they have outstanding payments of 5 billion kwacha owing to road contractors. Even if no new contracts are signed, by 2020 the bill will be 25.6 billion kwacha with 13 billion kwacha in outstanding payments. They then borrow to pay debts. They have now created a national debt of over $6 billion. Bambo Lungu Wagulitsa Dziko Ku Kaloba!

Corruption has made these roads expensive. Compare the cost of building a road in South Africa versus Zambia. The money we pay for one kilometre in Zambia (US$2 million), you can do five in South Africa.

The PF has put no plan in place for maintenance of these roads so soon people will be saying ni pesa epo mwabombele? Here is the issue, if we continue on a clear maintenance programme it costs the taxpayer US$100,000 as opposed to US$460,000 per kilometre for major rehabilitation.

Here are some of the headline facts:

  • 5 billion kwacha owed to infrastructure contractors.  = 10% of national budget
  • By 2020 the bill will be 25.6 billion kwacha with 13 billion kwacha in outstanding payments.
  • Commitments versus cash at National Road Fund Agency up from 820 million kwacha in 2012 to 47 billion kwacha in 2016. = 80% of national budget
  • Cost of building a road in Zambia = 20 million kwacha

Cost of building a road in South Africa = 4.4 million kwacha

  • No maintenance plans in place.  Maintenance is US$100,000 per kilometer as opposed to US$460,000 per kilometre for road rehabilitation.

PF is trying to take false credit. The projects they are bragging about started way before they were in Government.

Mongu – Kalabo Road;                         1990/2006 – President Chiluba/Mwanawasa
Senanga-Sesheke Road;                       2010 – MMD
The Pedicle Road;                                 2010 – MMD
Nakonde – Mbala Road;                        2010 – MMD
Isoka – Muyombe Road;                        2010 – MMD
Luangwa Bridge to Mwami Border Post;        2008 – MMD
Chipata Mfuwe Road;                             2010 – MMD

These power projects were initiated by someone else and PF are taking false credit:-

Itezhi tezhi Power Station;                            2006 – MMD
Kafue Gorge Lower Station;                         2009 – President MMD
Lunzua Power Station, Mpulungu;             2010 – President MMD

In short, when you sonta what has been done in the past 5 years next to the cost, PF, tapali epo mwabombele. What PF is claiming as their great success is a lie and someone else’s work. There is nothing to Sonta at?

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