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Is there an animal driven constitution, mocks Sata

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President Sata

President Sata

Zambian President Michael Sata has mocked those who are pressing for a people driven constitution to be enacted by wondering whether there was one that is animal driven, reports Zambian Eye correspondent.

“Everybody is saying we need a people driven constitution, is there an animal driven constitution?” asked President Sata amid laughter during a swearing-in ceremony at State House earlier today.

There have been calls for a new constitution to be enacted that will reflect the wishes of the people according to the submissions they made to technical committee.

Mr Sata while campaigning for presidency in 2011 had promised to give the country a new constitution within the first 90 days of being in office.

Recently on three occasions, President Sata said there was already a constitution in place and wondered why people are demanding for a new constitution.

He has also ordered government officials against discussing the constitution saying they should ignore those calling for a new one.

This has raised concerns from various stakeholders because soon after winning the 2011 elections, Mr Sata appointed a Technical Committee to come up with a draft constitution from various submissions made in the past. The seemingly futile exercise has gobbled millions of Kwacha belonging tax payers.

The Draft Constitution has since been submitted to President Sata but has not been distributed to the public as earlier promised. 


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