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Is it real? 7 signs of true love in a relationship

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Everyone’s dream is to find true love. But how do you know if you have got it?

See, you need to know the signs of true love so that you know if you know whether to hold on or quit the relationship.

Watch out for these telltale signs of true love in relationships:

1. Giving without expectation

In true love, you give your partner without asking for anything. You give whatever you got to give wholeheartedly without caring if your partner will give back in equal measure or not give at all.

2. No secrets

You don’t keep secrets from the person you truly love and they do the same. The pleasure of it is sharing even the weirdest stuff openly with your partner because you wonna share every bit of your lives. And, you know your partner won’t judge you like the rest of the world because they truly love you.

3. No pretense

If you feel like you have to act differently when around your partner, that is not true love. In true love, you are real and your partner loves you just as you are.

4. You don’t focus on imperfections

We all got our own flows and so do our partners. When you are in true love, you know the weaknesses of your partner but they don’t really matter. You only try to help them become better people but not use their flaws to ruin their self-esteem.

5. Respect

May sound like no brainer but honestly, if you are in love with a person who does not respect you, that’s clearly not true love.

6. Share the burden

When you truly love each other, you will be willing to go through tough times together. If it’s bills or debts, you will support each other because you both value each other’s happiness.

7. Extreme emotions

The bad part of true love is that the emotions can be very extreme. If your partner hurts you or makes you angry, it hurts so bad that you can’t explain. And it’s at such moment that people result to doing crazy stuff because they can’t deal with the fact that a person they truly love hurt them.



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