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Is HH being judged fairly?

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It is undoubted that HH and UPND are currently Zambia’s best chance to dislodge the PF government. It’s also clear that the 2016 election were a sham with a lot of unanswered malpractices which the ECZ never bothered to investigate or give a report to Zambians. With this background, there is an oppressive conduct of PF escalating right now and is driven by fear of not only losing power, but fear of prosecution. This fear is even more evident with the unjust political arrests, sponsorship of surrogate parties, denial of assembly to opposition, dodging of accountability and smear campaigns against the opposition.

HH has been for a long time a victim of these dirty tactics. The extreme one being the detention in a maximum security prison for over 100 days. HH has also faced some criticism despite being a victim of this PF oppression, criticism that sometimes emanates from positions of double standards, hatred or blind cadrism.

Hatred or criticism

They are those who accuse HH of selling the copper mines, yet from the time he joined politics to this day, no one has presented that evidence. Even those whose daily bread is to accuse HH of benefiting from privatisation, like Sunday Chanda have never laid the evidence bare for the Zambians to judge. It’s a pure case of abusing a fellow citizen who has invested in his own country and created jobs. Is this criticism or mere hatred if people can continue to make accusation they can’t prove?

Double standards at play

There are also double standards when it comes to the political activism of HH. As a person leading the biggest opposition it is in the interest of every citizen that HH is active to provide leadership to the only party providing real checks and balance in parliament i.e. one that can vote and introduce bills. What we are seeing is level of ignorance, where HH’s role is being smeared as bitter and desperation for power. HH is not even half of what Sata was in terms of fierce criticism and name calling. When HH accused PF of as having no plan, corrupt and borrowing at a high rate PF called him bitter. Today he has been proven right. Firstly, PF which took over a strong economy have destroyed it because they simply had no plan. Secondly, PF have failed to give convincing answers on the corruption allegation and have responded with the usual intimidation tactics. Thirdly, the secretary to the treasure is on record of admitting that Zambia won’t be able to pay off the Eurobonds when they fall due. Maybe if government had listened and ignore their HH biases, they could have avoided this economic mess


In Zambia tribalism is labelled on people for belonging to a particular tribe, instead of their discriminatory actions. A real test of tribalism will be to ask if HH has ever made any tribal remark and discriminated against anyone on tribal grounds. PF is party which has promoted people for making tribal insults, like Davies Chama and the now apologetic Chishimba Kambwili. PF is a party which has fired people for belonging to a certain tribe. PF is party which sponsored a news headline to alarm the nation about a fake genocide in Namwala. The PF cabinet, foreign service and boards are dominant with the same regions and connected people. PF is a party whose eastern province MPs when unapologetic about openly urging people to vote on tribal lines, in their words “wako ni wako”. Zambian should start paying attention to the real tribal discrimination as opposed to the fake one politicians want them to perceive.


We have heard senior PF officials like Davies Mwila and Mumbi Phiri accuse HH of being sponsored by neo-capitalists and intending to mortgage the country. The hypocrisy being that the first debt PF contracted was a Eurobond and are literary selling land to China. There you have it, a foreign communist country is ahead of Zambian citizens in the queue for land, by the way communist governments like China don’t believe in regime change.


Whilst HH has an identifiable history in the SDA church the PF have continued to peddle the freemason lie. It’s a kind of lie that even six years olds would find hard to believe or go with. But we have seen even state house adopt that infantile and imbecilic line just to discredit a person.

There is clearly a dirty game being played by PF, they have no other ball to play because they are not scoring on fighting corruption, not scoring on the economy, failed on job creation and many other political fronts. And because they have nothing against HH, they will only use labels instead of challenging his policies. PF will even try to accuse UPND of being desperate for power without even looking at how they threaten musicians, lock innocent people and fire civil servants. PF should know that it’s the Zambians who are desperate for change of government. And when Zambians see PF leaders raising mansions at a fast rate, fattening bank accounts and accumulating wealth disproportionately from the economy, their desperation will be revealed to PF than what they claim to see.

As citizens our responsibility is to improve our political awareness. We need to realise that it is not all about a politician we like, but it’s about one we can trust with our democratic institutions and economic agenda. If PF label HH as a potential dictator, freemason, neo-capitalist or power hungry, as citizen we should reject the dirty games and refuse to be treated like political balls. The real threat is real oppression inflicted by PF, the real corruption benefiting the PF, the real injustice administered by PF and the real poverty unaddressed by PF. A sinister opinion about HH by a frightened corrupt politician should not divert us from the real culprits, the people destroying our democracy, economy and governance systems.

Richard W.


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