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Iris Kaingu pens down consolation letter to a woman in the obscene video

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Open letter

Dear woman in the video circulating on the internet,

I have been thinking about you since yesterday. I’ve been praying for you, that you have the strength and grace that only God can give. I know it’s not an easy road to walk, where your privacy is infringed on like that. I’m sorry you have to go through this. I know that if you wanted people to see you in that light you would Have posted the video yourself.

One day I hope the laws of Zambia change. Because In other parts of the world eg America , The law protects you when it comes to revenge porn or otherwise footage of your privates in public domain-. It’s unfortunate that in our country people use this as a tool to bully, disrespect, belittle and disregard a person.

For 10 years, I have watched as people have referenced me as a pornstar, I have lost out on opportunities. My family deeply affected, one day I’ll have to have that painful conversation with my own children over a terrible time when I was only 19. My name dragged in the mud, forever ridiculed people even know the type of hurt or mental torture that brings to a person? After many hours of therapy and prayer, I decided to rise above it all because I’m confident in who I AM and in what God says about me.

Enough is Enough!! My Brothers and sisters, most of you judging her do worse things. learn to have hearts for each other. Do not relish in one another’s downfall. If you wouldn’t want it to happen to you, why would you wish it to happen to another. If we really are a Christian nation, please try to show love. Everyone is going through their own struggles each day. Please remember to be kind always.

PS:. And remember, the stone that was rejected became the cornerstone! You are a queen. Don’t let anybody tell you different.


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