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Investors at KCM have failed to run the Mine

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KCM plantBy Willian Limata in Chingola

The Konkola Copper Mines that are owned by Indian investor through Vendetta Resources listed on London stock market has failed to run the mines in Zambia.

They may be successful in other countries but surely have failed in Zambia. May be they want to prove that Indians naturally are not good in managing mines but good in other sectors.

The company which was sold on give away price only survives on borrowing resources to support its daily mining activities. It is not a dispute fact that the once giant mining company owes the banks and contractors both in Zambia and abroad.

It is like KCM want free services from the banks and contractors while they make free profit as claimed by the vendetta chairman. These are not Investors but harvesters who have come to harvest the fruits which were planted by Anglo-America Investors.

Their failure to run the mines has been exposed by not paying particularly attention to the mine main surviving blood which is electricity. Surely how can this big mine fail to settle electricity bill owed to CEC and yet we expect good things from KCM.

The shutting down of its one of the vital department and the flooding of the underground should not be a baby of CEC but KCM’s negligence as a result of not paying the electricity bills.

KCM actions are seem deliberate as they are aware that Zambian Government would not do anything. It seems they are always protected and kept like an egg.

The dispute between KCM and CEC as shown us that in Zambia we are lucking leaders. How can a Minister of Mines, Mr. Christopher Yaluma be so strongly on CEC than KCM on the matter at hand or is that he is scared of telling KCM to pay the debts owed to CEC because of the reasons known to himself.

As for  Chingola MPs again are absent and one wonders where they are hiding when Chingola residents are expecting comment from them on this vital issue as it has impact largely on Chingola community. Anyway today I won’t spend time on these absent MPs but concentrate on the failures by KCM.

When you look at the infrastructures in Chingola which host KCM headquarter is sad indeed, places like cricket, rugby, hockey, bowling and other playing fields are in the deplorable state.

These places used to be colorful and evergreen simba grass with well fenced and secured area which was admired for the resident worthy spending time there but today these place look like somebody dropped a boom on them.

Chingola town with pot holes

Chingola town with pot holes

The streets roads which had best tarmac in town has been turned into pot holes, linking water pipes supply and other related problems have become the order of the day in Cingola town.

On the contractors, KCM has extremely failed to manage that part which is very critical to their operations. Big contractors like U&M, MOOLMANS, MMS and FLSMIDTH who had employed many youths with good condition of service have been shown the exit and replace them with Indians firm like GRN, AMSL and others who offer slavery wages to our already poor Zambians.

When these contractors were still in existence the economy of chingola was doing fine but today there is nothing to write about. The remaining contractors and suppliers have no impact as in most cases their dues are not paid leaving their workers and business communities who depend on them to go unpaid for many months that translate into miserable life among the people of Chingola.

Again if Chingola had present MPs most of these problems will be things for the past and it is therefore my appeal that Government should not be blaming striking workers and CEC but KCM who have failed to run the mine.

The government should be aware that because of these Indians carelessness on how they are managing of the mine  has made many youths jobless in Chingola and these youths have decided to join illegal mining activities as the way of surviving.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not reflect views of the Publication or its Proprietors or Editors but the Author.


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