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International lawmakers laud Zambian Breweries

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unnamedZambian Breweries’ unique role in the growth of the economy was recognised this week when the company hosted a site visit to its operations by international parliamentarians.

The team of Parliamentarians, who were attending the 2016 International Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting in Lusaka, came out loud and clear in their enthusiasm for Zambian Breweries’ commitment to local procurement, local investment and job creation through the construction of its US$32 million maltings plant in the Lusaka South Multi Facility Economic Zone (LS-MFEZ).

“This is a very good and big investment and I am happy that this malting plant will create jobs for people. The private sector should participate even more than it is participating now because I believe that the power of a nation is in its private sector. I will very happy to see this investment succeed,” said German Member of Parliament Dr Bernd Fabritius.

His sentiments were shared by Mexican Congresswoman Barcena Vargas, who added through her interpreter, Jose Eduardo Alejosrodas: “It is a pleasure to see the progress that Zambian Breweries is making with this plant. It is certainly a well-executed project.”

Ezekiel Sekele, Zambian Breweries Corporate Affairs Director was on hand to give the visiting parliamentarians a tour of the plant.

“SABMiller is one of the major non-mining investors in Zambia. The unique nature of our business is our recognition of our role in the agricultural value chain. We are a trusted partner and look for support from the government to help drive our contribution to economic growth. Our role is to broaden the appeal of beer and stable policy helps drive that growth,” said Mr Sekele.

“For instance, the recent reduction in excise tax has contributed significantly to the malting plant project. It is such supportive action from the government that enables us to initiate and accelerate our investments,” he added.

The delegation spent the afternoon touring Zambian Breweries maltings plant where they heard about the important role that the company plays in the agriculture chain, buying barley from local farmers as they key ingredient for beer, as well as maize, sorghum and cassava.

Construction work on the new factory is at an advanced stage, and will enable the company to process locally grown barley into the malt base for brewing the company’s Mosi and Castle beer.

The plant will enable Zambian Breweries to add value within Zambia to barley – all of which is bought from local farmers in Zambia. Currently the company exports its barley to Zimbabwe for malting and then imports it back to Zambia.

The barley will be stored in ten massive 1,500 tonne-silos, each 32 metres high, which involved the country’s largest single pour of concrete – 1,800 cubic metres – for their foundations.

The company’s multi-million dollar investment in the malting plant is part of the group’s wider commitment to long-term investment in Zambia.

This year’s 134th IPU Assembly attracted close to 1,400 parliamentarians including speakers, MPs and clerks of parliament.


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