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Instagram Business Marketing Guide in Zambia

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Social media marketing has become an important thing for all businesses. In Zambia, the business scenario has gradually changed in a positive direction over the last few years. Small and medium scale businesses make a significant contribution to the growth of the country’s economy. For promoting their businesses, small to medium scale enterprises use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Facebook and Twitter are well-known social media platforms for business marketing. Instagram is one of the lesser explored platforms, though it has many benefits to offer to the businesses in Zambia. Having more than 600 million active users, Instagram has emerged as an important business marketing platform.

The approach tousing Instagram for Business should be a little creative. Since the platform attracts creative people easily, business owners have to find some innovative ideas for better business marketing leads through Instagram.

So, how to promote your business through Instagram in Zambia? You can find a guide to a few creative tips for Instagram marketing in the following section.

Brand Specific and General Hashtags

If you are well-accustomed with the process of using Instagram, you may already know the importance of the hashtags. Using hashtags will enhance the visibility of your contents on Instagram. However, using random hashtags would not help you. You should use the hashtags that are relevant to your content. Sometimes, business owners check the trending hashtags and develop the contents for Instagram according to the hashtags. Picking up a trending hashtag for your Instagram content is indeed a great way of promoting the business.

However, before you pick up the hashtags, you need to know a few more things about them. There are two types of hashtags. One type is called “brand-specific hashtag”. You may find that a hashtag related to your business domain is trending on Instagram. Brand-specific hashtags can fetch more organic traffic for your business. However, getting the brand-specific hashtags is not easy. It should not restrict you from creating trending Instagram contents. You can pick some general hashtags and creatively make contents to draw the attention of the Instagrammers. Using general hashtags will fetch good brand exposure for your business.

Add Geo-location to Your IG Posts

You should turn on your geo-location status when posting something on Instagram. The geo-tagging feature has been introduced to help the IG account holders to find subscribers from a specific region. It also allows users to disclose their physical locations. A business in Zambia should find its potential customers in Zambia. Your company may have the potential to trade in different countries on the globe. But, local exposure is the most important thing. Growing as a brand name in a specific region or locality will help your business to earn better revenue in a shorter time span.

Moreover, trading within the country is easier for small and medium businesses due to many reasons. For example, getting logistic support within Zambia is easier for a Zambian business. Receiving payment, initiating refunds to the customers, and other financial transactions within the country are easier. Hence, small and medium enterprises should build their local brand value through Instagram before thinking about global exposure.

Invest Time and Money in Video Making

Creating video contents for Instagram will help you to grab more exposure as a business in Zambia. The best thing is that you do not need to make long videos for Instagram instead create short and crisp videos that are perfectly suitable for Instagram marketing. Developing such videos is not a matter of massive expanses. With a small pocket pinch, small and medium enterprises can create videos for Instagram.

Additionally, this social media platform comes with basic video editing tools. Before uploading the videos on your IG account, you can add special effects, captions, stickers, and many more to the videos. For video editing, you can also use professional tools like In video, and for adding natural-sounding voice overs to your video, you can use tts voice tools.

Instagram Reels and Stories

With the advent of time, IG has introduced different methods for social interactions. First of all, you need to use the Instagram story for showcasing your contents. Stories can be used for announcing special discounts on a few products. You can use them to release teasers of your business advertising videos. Apart from the stories, you should use Instagram Reels, which has been introduced to feature short and entertaining videos. Using Reels for business marketing is a good idea. For IG Reels, you can create entertaining short videos. You can share stories of clients on Instagram Story and Reels.

Ask for Opinions of Followers

The ultimate aim of a social media marketing campaign is to increase the engagement of the followers on your business profile. Engagement will increase when there are interactions. Having a responsive IG business account is important. You need to give replies and react to the comments of followers or fans. Apart from these, there are many creative ways of enhancing engagement of followers on your Instagram business profile. The best way of enhancing engagement is to ask followers to share their opinions on certain things. You can conduct votes and quizzes for better interactions with the followers. Engagement helps to build a strong brand value. Your business also becomes trustworthy for the existing and potential buyers.

Offer Freebies for Detailed Reviews

Getting honest customer reviews is important for a business. If you believe that your business offers top-quality products or services, you should push your buyers to share their feedback. Many buyers feel idle to share their reviews or feedback. You can offer freebies or special discounts for those who write detailed reviews of your business. Potential buyers search for detailed reviews before buying a product or service. Showcasing a good number of detailed reviews will help your business to magnetize more buyers.

Local Language for Business Marketing

Using English for business marketing is beneficial from a global perspective. Nevertheless, contents in English are also regarded as suitable for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But, it does not mean that the local language has no value. For Instagram marketing, the local language is more important than other languages. Using the local languages will help you to find more buyers in Zambia easily.


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