Inspiring story: 20 year old talented website designer

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Peter Nakonde

Peter Nakonde

Hi Zambian Eye,

I am Peter Initiative Nkonde ,I am 20 years old. I live in Lilanda west Lusaka Zambia. I come from a family of eight and am the third born; I dropped out of school in grade nine in the year 2012 due to financial difficulties. I developed interest in computers in 2003 at primary level through computer studies.

I took my computer literacy to the next level a year after I dropped out of school; I started visiting internet cafes regularly for various researches. That was where I met Mr.George Kambole who was a representative of MTN Zambia. Mr George Kambole got to interview me after meeting me by the café frequently and he discovered that I was good in computer that was how he got me a job at MTN. I worked for 3 months and later moved to Zambia daily nation and that was where I made my very first website for the company.

Later on I was required to have a certificate to enable me to work in any firm, so I went to ZAMCOM (Zambia institute of mass communication trust) to enroll for a certificate program but instead of enrolling for studies I was given a job because the lessons the institution was giving to students was the exact skill I already had.So I worked for ZAMCOM for 2 months and I decided to become a freelancer and do all my works independently, since then I have made so many websites in Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and India.

All these works have earned me funds that have enabled me to build a house in which me and my family live in currently, I am also supporting my siblings in their education.

Apparently am planning to open up a company which will specialise in software engineering, website and graphic designing etc.


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