Inquiry on violence vs Inquiry on Electoral fraud, which must come first?

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President Lungu

President Lungu

By MacDonald Chipenzi

IN his inaugural speech President Lungu admitted in affirmative that there were “pockets of hostility, isolated acts of violence and hooliganism”, describing them as scars, bloats and a shame on the conscience of the nation and that the perpetrators “must carry a heavier burden of it.

He added, “we will act decisively to forestall such behavior.” Hence his desire to set up a Commission of Inquiry on Post Election Violence in Zambia.

Agreed, this is a good move and step in a right direction. But is this just like plucking fruits (effects) or leaves from the tree and bragging that you have solved the problem when the tree is still standing which in a short while start producing the same fruits and leaves.

The root cause of post election related violence, massacre, hooliganism anywhere in the world is largely suspected electoral fraud and impunity by which, suspected fraudsters who are largely from incumbents and institutions of governance such as Courts, media etal try to suppress the aggrieved parties.

Electoral fraud breeds post election violence, hostility, hooliganism. Examples in the recent past of hostility, violence and hooliganism are abundant such as in Ivory Coast, Kenya, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo DR, Zanzibar etal.

You can’t appoint a commission of inquiry on violence in such circumstances because as you appoint such a commission the answer is already known instead it should be a Commission of Inquiry on Electoral Fraud.

This is more sustainable and helpful to future electoral solutions while an inquiry on post electoral violence is an exercise in futility.

Therefore, I suggest that President Lungu Institute a Commission of Inquiry on Electoral Fraud in Zambia as opposed to Commission of Inquiry on Violence which is a result of electoral fraud.

This will help to understand how and why various institutions ECZ, Police, ZAF, CSOs, Church, ACC, HRC, media, Judiciary, Legislature and executive, trade unions, citizens etal play the role they played in the 2016 General Elections.

This will help us avoid the same or similar electoral traps, pitfalls, and electoral controversies come 2021 and beyond.

Let those who have ears hear.


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