Infidelity main cause of divorce, married women cheat more than unmarried ones

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A Zambian Private Investigator (PI) and researcher has says most divorce cases are attributed to infidelity.

In an exclusive interview with Zambian Eye, the PI from a Lusaka-based firm who spoke on condition of anonymity says among married adults who have cheated on their spouses before, 40 percent are currently divorced or separated.

He told this publication that most married men have caused divorces with their infidelity in comparison to non-cheating husbands.

He further revealed that married women are faring at 54 percent infidelity against the 46 percent with single women in relationships.

The PI from VDK Investigating Company who used data samples from his firm’s work portfolios, courts and churches in establishing the reasons behind rampant divorce cases, said 36 percent of women who cheat do it in retaliation or revenge in comparison to 64 percent who do it for different reasons which includes, attention, money and sexual satisfaction.

“By comparison, only 17 percent of adults who were faithful to their spouse are no longer married. On the flip side, only about half of “cheaters” are currently married, compared to 76 percent of those who did not cheat”, the PI explained.

“Men who cheated are more likely than their female peers to be married. Among men who have cheated on their spouse before, 61 percent are currently married, while 34 percent are divorced or separated. However, only 44 percent of women who have cheated before are currently married, while 47 percent are divorced or separated.”

He explained that the reasons for cheating vary in men in comparison with women.

“This gender difference could reflect the fact that men are more likely to be remarried than women after a divorce. A portion of currently married “cheaters” may be remarried, since we can’t tell from the data whether or not the person who cheated is still married to the spouse he or she cheated on,” he explained.


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