In 1977, God told me Chiluba would be President – Bishop Chihana

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Bishop Chihana greeting President Chiluba

Lusaka prominent Clergy Bishop Simon Chihana says the Holy Spirit hinted to him in 1977 that Frederick Chiluba was to be the next President of Zambia after Kenneth Kaunda.

Bishop Chihana says this only came to pass in 1991 when Chiluba overwhelmingly beat Dr Kaunda in a first Democratic election.

Giving an account of his encounter with the late President Chiluba to mark the 8th Anniversary of his death, Bishop Chihana recounts the events he had with the former President in an article below obtained by Zambian Eye.

I need to mention that i first heard about the man Chiluba in the year 1971 in Mufulira when the miners were singing about him and i wondered who was this Chiluba.
Next, i personally went to attend the labour day rally where Dr. Kaunda our first Republican President was addressing the rally and the next speaker was Dr. Chiluba and I was extremely impressed by his speech, and this was in Luanshya about 1977. From that time he left my mind.
My next event about Dr. Chiluba, was in May 1989 on the plane in Ndola. I had just returned from USA and the then Zambia Airways had given me a bonus ticket to travel to Ndola, where I had gone to see my second born child Wezi who had been born whilst i was in America in Houston Texas attending a Church conference at Lakewood Church.
When i boarded the plane at Ndola airport then, the first person I encountered on the plane on the front seat was the man Dr. Chiluba of whom i immediately decided to greet and shake his hand and i proceeded to take my seat at the back, and as i sat down suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said to me ; “That is the next President of Zambia”, and i immediately left my briefcase on the chair and went to Dr. Chiluba and told him what the Holy Ghost had spoken to me, and when i told him, he asked who i was (with a shaking of hands again) and I responded accordingly.
My next meeting was in 1991 after he was made candidate for MMD party. I just saw a dark Benz car pulling up by our house in Chilenje in the night time and one gentleman came out who was by the driving seat and he was Mr. Otema Musuka (a precious man with great integrity and is also gone to be with the Lord). Mr. Musuka spoke with me as we stood in the dark and asked if i could go to the back seat of the car, and there i found Dr. Chiluba seated, and with a brilliant smile he greeted me with a comment, “you never thought i would find you, did you”?
Here Dr. Chiluba asked me to pray for him, because he was traveling to northern province for their first campaign there and to which obliged, and after prayers Mr. Musuka asked me to visit him at his residence on independence Avenue to which i agreed.
I later in the week visited the home of Mr. Musuka and found other few believers seated and they welcomed me and introduced the subject of our purpose for gathering. From that time we began to meet and pray for Dr. Chiluba and team and until he was elected as the Second Republican President.
I was next invited to the anointing church service which was held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Here I found myself being taken to sit just behind President Chiluba like his body guard until the service was over. After the service i was approached by two gentlemen who identified themselves as officers coming from Dr. Kaunda, and they asked me to accompany them to where Dr. Kaunda was so that I could go and pray for him, but was advised by Mr. Musuka and Gen. Miyanda not to go because there was still some more work to do. From the Cathedral of the Holy Cross we drove to State House for more prayers. At the State House i met with other servants of God, Rev. Peterson from Kaniki, Bishop Chelelwa and Rev. Mukendi from Congo and few other believers, and we prayed for State House.
Not long after such an event, the next was the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation and this was after a number of days. Again i was greatly privileged to be part of such great history for Zambia. On this day, I recall that we were again very few people invited at State House and a only a handful Pastors, myself, Bishop Chelelwa, Rev. Reutter and Rev. Peterson. After the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation we later gathered as Church leaders from all the known denominations as Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, UCZ, etc at the tent of Rev. Reutter . And after the deliberations of the declaration can be made to be of effect, I was elected as vice chairman, Bishop Mambo being made chairman to represent the rest, so that we discuss further on how this can work.
I shall continue if need be

Frederick Chiluba

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  1. He was praying for both camps! These cHristians!

    Yayi Mwe!
    June 24, 2019 at 6:15 pm

  2. He was praying for both camps! These christians!

    Yayi M
    June 24, 2019 at 6:17 pm

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