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I’m warming up to takeover from HH – Canisius Banda

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PF member Dr. Canisius Banda has revealed that he is warming up to takeover from President Hakainde Hichilema (HH).

Dr. Banda who once served as Vice president in UPND before quitting in 2016 to join PF says President Hichilema had achieved his mission to become president of Zambia.

“Hakainde has reached, he is going away and am warming up to takeover from him,” Dr Banda said.

Dr Banda said people are pushing him to takeover the mantle. He said he had helped Hichilema and Edgar Lungu saying now was his time.

Dr Banda who by press time was featuring on Diamond TV live show, said he is waiting for PF to give guidance on the general elective conference to replace Lungu.

He said he had joined the PF because the party has a better manifesto. He said UPND was promising what PF was doing.

Dr Banda said President Hichilema will not beat the PF massive infrastructure development. He said he is at the same time faced with a challenge of settling the debt.

He also said was in contact with President Hichilema and advising saying would prefer working with him that way than joining government.

Dr Banda said the economic situation is worse than during the PF period. He said the prices of goods and services had gone up.

He said politicians must not get power through lies. He said the 6000 Doctors the UPND promised are not even produced.

Dr Banda said the promise of lowering prices of fuel had not happened while fertilizer which was promised to be at K250 is going at K850.


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