I’m the most viable candidate for 2021 – Nawakwi

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Edith Nawakwi

Edith Nawakwi

Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development ( FDD) president Edith Nawakwi says she is the most viable candidate for 2021 presidential election.


Speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday interview programme this evening Nawakwi expressed confidence of scoping the presidency. She said her party will go for a convention and is available.


Ms Nawakwi said her party has been consistence on its policies which have been accepted. She said there was something wrong about the last elections.


She wondered how she could not get a vote in areas like Nadongo, one of the most remote areas East of Monze town despite an overwhelming welcome when she visited the area being the third politician after first president Kenneth Kaunda and his seccessor Frederick Chiluba to visit the area.


Ms Nawakwi explained that there was a lot of propaganda against her canditure. She said her supporters in certain areas were threatened that their houses would be burnt if they voted for her.


She also said people were told that FDD had gone into an alliance with the Patriotic Front. She said this affected her performance in the elections.


17 Responses to I’m the most viable candidate for 2021 – Nawakwi

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  2. My wife Edith, I am compelled to respond to you using this platform despite the fact that we stay in the same house.

    Here are some of the reasons why you didn’t not get many votes in Southern Province as you had expected:
    1. People ofSouthern province feel cheated by people of your province by not supporting one of their own despite having supported Chiluba 100% in 1991. All 19 constituencies voted for MMD in the name of one Zambia one nation.

    2. You have constantly despised UPND and HH on all issues even when you should have shown solidarity with a fellow opposition party. Example, Lungu was illegally inaugurated, and there you were at the stadium showing solidarity with a person some sections of the Zambian people strongly feel they were short changed.

    3. The mere fact that you are associated with me doesn’t not grantee you votes in some villages of Southern Province. People desperately wanted change this time around. You were considered as a spoiler in this game.

    4. To many Zambian you are a brilliant lady but at the same time inconsistent in your political positions. You seem to behave like a musela-kwakaba kind of an individual.
    4. For some reason,, some people still people still believe that you’re are not trustworthy given the Caribbean Carrington Maize deal you were involved will President Chiluba.

    4. There still those who question your moral standards given the way you and me got involved. I have heard people saying you grabbed me from other fellow woman. We need to explain to the general public about our relationship. Others even think that you’re my concubine because you’re using your nee name. In addition, there are those who talk about our street fights when we were still dating. You probably need to have talk show where you’ll explain to the public our relationship and your other previous dealings when you were minister of energy and finance.

    6. I once took and introduced to chiefs in Southern province. Instead of us getting back to them for clearance, you went around in their chiefdoms handing out farming inputs. This was not appreciated by the chiefs as they considered the practice as corruption. We need to change our strategy

    7. Here you are complaining about plausible rigging that might have happened, but you have not uttered a word of support to your colleagues who, the world is considering, to be fighting for the survival of democracy in Zambia.

    7. Aspirations to any position in a country is an anniable right of every one, but don’t over rate yourself. Kabimba can attest to that.

    Loving husband Geoffrey Hambulo


    Geoffrey Hambulo
    September 18, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    • Completely agree. 999.9% , I wish her real husband would talk like you have to her because honestly people think this woman is confused. Today, she says democracy is dead tomorrow she is supporting the very people that killed it. You can tell a person by their actions and certainly this woman is not a straightforward person. I think it time for you to just join PF and be Lungu’s chola girl as you take instructions from Zulu and Mwamba

      A true Zambian
      September 19, 2016 at 3:02 am

    • Is this the same Edith you recently told us that politics is just a game and people like HH who think politics is serious business are in for a rude shock? We don’t need another joker like Chagwa at State house. It is obvious from this and other acts that this lady is not serious about running government for the benefit of the poor. She is going back to enjoy what she has missed for the past 16 years. We are just looking to God to cut short Chagwa’s reign one way or another. Five years will be too much as there will be nothing left of Zambia with Chagwa at the helm in five years time. Lastly, you show too much hatred for HH such that you have failed to even congratulate him or offer some solidarity after the thugs in power stole the election from him. It seems you prefer Chagwa’s corrupt regime to HH taking over. But which vote will take you to state house??????

      September 19, 2016 at 8:30 am

    • Hambulo you lie this was not a revolution,therefore people wanted continuity and not change.You mislead yourselves that’s why you don’t accept that Ecl is the President and will continue after 2021.Wait for his wonders and let your wife have peace and make her own choices.

      Dirt kay
      September 19, 2016 at 8:42 am

  3. You are PF just come out in the open!

    September 18, 2016 at 10:16 pm

  4. Edith, I can’t even comment because you are a disappointment and please if are PF just join the criminals so Zambians can know you are part of the rot. Don’t pretend one day you are with the people and the next you are supporting wrong doing. When time comes and the law catches up you should also be part of the culprits to be booked.

    A true Zambian
    September 19, 2016 at 3:07 am

  5. Finally deadNBC has given her an opportunity to campaign for her August 2016 presidential bid. Where was deadNBC when she needed them most during the campaign period.

    Conspiracy Theory
    September 19, 2016 at 4:44 am

  6. Madam Nawakwi I did not like it when you said last week that politics is just a game and now the game is over. Please get it clearly the politics you think is just a game has a serious bearing on people’s lives.

    The earlier you realised that politics is used to manage the national resources the better….don’t go into elections saying you are just playing a political game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when Lungu rigs the elections you say the game is now over…when people are still sleeping na njala without any hope whatsoever.

    September 19, 2016 at 5:19 am

  7. She is poison completely…..stay away from her…..You should have seen her playing around with lungu’s handle at state house….she was like saying we did it HH can’t be president..

    September 19, 2016 at 6:41 am

  8. My dear sister, what your husband has said above has some truth. I was there when you were beating Mrs Daka at chelston filling station when you found Mr Hambulo in the shop. I could not believe at the time that you were actually a minister behaving in that manner unit I saw a Volvo car with a Zambian flag. When I saw you beating Mrs Daka to the extent of ripping off her bra , up to day, I get surprised you want to be a president of Zambia.

    I was equally surprised to see you on ZNBC public broadcaster which totally blacked out all opposition parties during the campaign period of the just ended elections.

    As follow woman, tell us which principles do you stand for in democratic dispensation? You can’t be a chameleon. You are “married” to a Tonga but when your tribesmen insult these people, never have I heard you condemn the hate speeches but you expect these Tonga villagers to vote for you.

    People know you temper. They can’t trust you with the presidency.

    Do you at times sit down and do an introspection of you behavior towards other women, people from other political parties as well as people from other tribes.

    Mrs Nawakwi, you are self centered and self serving. I hate to talk bad about other women, but you are not a role model my sister.

    As Geoffrey has said above, cleanse yourself from the thugery behavior you and your husband have exhibited over the years. Fighting on the streets, beating other women who you suspected of having an affair with your so called husband. The massive corruption that you participated when you served under the corrupt regime of Frederick Chiluba. And above all, have a clear political philosophy that one can follow. Democracy is about principles not changing colors when you smell money.

    As a start, why don’t you tell us whether you think Lungu should continue serving as a president despite flouting the constitution of the country.

    Dora Chitandika
    September 19, 2016 at 7:04 am

  9. Ms Nawakwi, please help me to understand you what exactly you stand for in Zambian political landscape.

    There are situations when I expect you to have a firm stand on the solidification of our fragile democracy but my dismay, you seem to be selling your soul for silver coins that Judas used to betray Jesus.

    Lungu assented his signature to the amended constitution. In that constitution, there were very critical clauses that guide how to deal with the process that needs to be adhered to in the event of having no clear winner (no candidate attaining 50+1), the now famous 14 days period in case of a petition being lodged by one of the aspiring candidates and the hand over of the presidency to the speaker of the national assembly.

    With the above background, Ms Nawakwi I put to you whether you think the Lungu you went to support at the inauguration upheld, respected and honored the Zambian constitution when he failed to handover power to the speaker following the successful lodging of a petition by the UPND? If he didn’t respect the constitution, why then did you go to the inauguration?

    Ms Nawakwi, I put it to you, what is your understanding of the 14 days period within which the concourt should hear a petition?. Is 14 calendar days or 14 working days? The justices seem to have had challenges on this because on a Thursday night, they interpreted it to mean 14 working days and the following day, lol and behold, they changed their minds and the 14 days became 14 calendar days?
    As an aspiring commander in chief tells how you would have handled this matter as a directly affected person? Would you have been installed as a president with such contentious issues remaining unresolved? I ask this question because you Edith Nawakwi went and witnessed the illegal inauguration of one Edgar Chagwa Lungu despite him having disowned the constitution. You are on record having told us that this a game and we should move on. This intuitively means that if you became a president, you will breach the constitution willfully and call it a game.

    Ms President in waiting, if I may call you so, Lungu has appointed former ministers who abused Zambian resources for 3 months and to date you have not uttered any statement regarding the abuse of public resources. Any way I nobody expected you to do so as you wine and dine with them?

    Miss Nawakwi, the petition was thrown out by judges who reputations world wide have been reappear
    Ireappearibly tarnished, may you school us on your stand on this matter.

    During the period leading to the general elections, opposition parties experienced untold harassment from PF cadres and Zambia police. Mapenzi Chibulo was murdered by Zambia police. Not more than 3 months have passed since that genocide act was committed, you call it a game. As a woman, I would have expected to lead the chorus of those calling for those who killed Mapenzi to book. And what do I hear from you, it’s a game less move on. Is this the kind of leadership Zambia deserves.

    Nawakwi, madam, what you take on the appointment of one Davies Chama as minister of home affairs. This is a man who breathes hate for Tongas. Don’t you see ethnic cleansing brewing under his regiment? Or is it a political game, we should move on?

    Edith, are you serious in how you position yourself as presidential contender. Prior to the elections you were barred from appearing on public media. Now that the elections are over, you send yourself to launch your 2021 campaign. What makes you think you will have access to the public media if Lungu survives us to that time?

    Madam, you’re egoistic, who ambition is misguided as your violent love life has been to that so called Tonga fellow Hambulo. Enough has been said about your violence and morals towards other women.

    Try Burundi, Zambia will be reclaimed by those of us who crave for the rule of law.

    Mukuka Chiluba
    September 19, 2016 at 9:11 am

  10. She compromised during Aug 2016 election. FDD is finished.
    Please tell Canicius Banda to join Nawakwi. He cant win if challenge HH. This time we need people who can campaign.HH & GBM is a good pair.

    Start mobilizing the party now. They will be division in PF.

    joseph Mwape
    September 19, 2016 at 1:01 pm


    September 19, 2016 at 1:45 pm

  12. I heard her views on ZNBC and almost thought of changing citizenship because to be ruled by her will be the biggest mistake in the history of man kind.

    September 19, 2016 at 4:17 pm

  13. When did Nawakwi become a comedian? Surely, this lady does not believe that 2021 will be any different for her? Is the position of president in her party personal to holder or what? How can she talk of 2021 before her party endorses her as the leader for 2021? Nawakwi has no chance in hell of becoming president of Zambia. If Canisius banda stood in 2021, he would do better than her. Infact HH should be careful how he handles canisius Banda because he can actually be the next president. If he plans to still stand in 2021 and with GBM, that is what will happen. And forget Lungu, Lungu is not winning in 2021, kaleza kanin’gambe.

    Comedian anonimous
    September 19, 2016 at 6:55 pm


    September 19, 2016 at 8:35 pm

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