I’m not intimidated – Garry Nkombo

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Garry Nkombo is not intimidated by the move by state police to link him to the death of PF official Harrison Chanda who was killed five years ago in Livingstone.

The UPND Mazabuka MP was yesterday summoned to Woodlands police station where a warn and caution statement was recorded from him over the death of Chanda, an incident that happened on February 25, 2013.

Speaking to journalists shortly after he was warned and cautioned, Nkombo welcomed the fresh investigations that police have launched but says he will not be found with any case to answer in this matter.

He says he will fully cooperate with police because he is a law-abiding citizen who does not want to disregard the orders of law enforcers considering that he is a lawmaker.

“From the way I saw it I think it is within their line of duty and I’d hate to think that it could have a political corner. I would like to think it is within their normal line of duty. But we will cross the bridge when we get there,” Nkombo stated, adding “If there will be any evidence, we will have to face it but it is important for us also to be clear that we’re law-abiding, that’s what we are. We abide by the law and we would never commit such an offense and that particular matter to me….it is clear in my mind that they will draw a blank cause there’s absolutely no connection. I think the fairest way to put it is that intimidation is not part of my DNA…”

Following the death of Chanda during the violent skirmishes that characterized the Livingstone parliamentary by-election in 2013, Nkombo and eight UPND members were arrested and charged with murder but were released after the state entered a nolle prosequi in the case.

But one person identified as Henry Harry Lungu of Libuyu, Livingstone was convicted of manslaughter on March 9, 2017 and is serving a six year sentence with hard labour.


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