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PF cadre Francis Muchemwa alias America 2 has denied being a member of an alleged state-funded militia group set up to terrorise the ruling party’s opponents.

And Muchemwa claims he was a victim of the violence that rocked Sesheke during the recent by-election and not the perpetrator as suggested by the opposition alliance.

The alliance of 10 opposition political parties has named Muchemwa, Eddie Gowa (alias America 1), Mpange Kachingwe and Abel Mwale as the leaders of a state-sponsored militia group whom they intend to report to the International Criminal Court at the Hague together with President Edgar Lungu, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila, State House aides Kaizar Zulu and Amos Chanda and police chief Kakoma Kanganja.

The alliance accuses President Lungu and the other nine individuals of orchestrating, funding, facilitating and perpetrating a well-planned wave of political violence across the country.

But in a statement today, Muchemwa, who is based at Lusaka’s Intercity Bus Terminus, brushed aside the alliance’s accusations, claiming he went to Sesheke to monitor the election not to cause violence.

“It’s unimaginable and extremely annoying to hear about the attempt by the said political alliance to twist facts with regards the recent Sesheke incident,” Muchemwa said.

“The facts are in black and white that I was the main victim with 14 others from the ruling PF who were targeted by the ugly incident of Police brutality that occurred on February 12th 2019.

“We were attacked and prevented from monitoring the elections by Police in Sesheke which we eventually lost. I was in the company of 14 other duly accredited election monitors when the Police imposed their ugly act on us.”

He accused the opposition alliance of wanting to dent the image of the PF government to the international community.

“It is dismaying to learn that the opposition alliance in a desperate move to cover up on their misgivings want to turnish (sic) the governments name by rushing to report falsehoods to the ICC

“We did report the episode and Police in Sesheke have a detailed docket of what transpired on that fateful day and we shall stand to testify against cheap propaganda.

“It’s unfortunate and beats logic for opposition HH to parade himself in that stage managed video that apparently shows him taking cover in a bush as a desperate act meant to discredit government and seek undeserved sympathy from the international community through peddling of lies.

“HH and his gang must learn to take responsibility at times and stop being a cry baby. Sadly even when it’s his malitias who are in the wrong he fails to admit that but in life there must be growth,” Muchemwa stated.


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