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If Zambia has more fools that normal people, PF will win- Katuka

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UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka says only a fool can vote for PF because the party has destroyed the country.

Commenting on the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)’s prediction, that the PF is expected to win the forthcoming do or die elections, Katuka said there is no way Zambians of sound mind would vote for PF.

In its prediction, the EIU said the 2021 general elections would be characterised by economic and political turmoil.

It said the elections will neither free nor fair, and that the PF was expected to win, but, Katuka said the EIU report is biased and was not analyzed professionally.

He said there was no way that PF could win the 2021 election.

Meanwhile, Matero member of parliament Lloyd Kaziya, has reportedly said he will make sure that PF loses the elections this year because of so many atrocities they have done to the country.

Kaziya becomes the first seating and serving PF Lawmaker to turn against the ruling party 8 months before general elections.

It is believed that Kaziya has fallen favour from the PF after he opposed Bill 10 saying it’s a bad law and reports are that since then the PF has never liked him.


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