If truck drivers’ matter remain unresolved nation will lose US$54,8m daily- HH warns gvt

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UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says the government failed to deal with the industrial action threats that were issued by truck drivers, before they packed their vehicles leading to the current fuel crisis.

“We said it a few days ago, this seemingly innocuous industrial action by the truck drivers will affect the economy negatively.

“Here we are; fuel shortages across the country have started manifesting.

“Yet the Government is taking this strike casually instead of engaging this very important cadre of workers to resolve their grievances,” he says.

Hichilema says truck drivers and drivers generally play a crucial role in the economy, and their concerns should be taken seriously.

“It is not by accident that they are said to be the wheels of the economy.

“Zambia’s GDP is US$20bn per year, meaning that every day that this industrial action remains unresolved, the country will lose US$54.8mn (K1.1bn or 0.93% of our national budget) daily,” he adds.

He calls on the relevant authorities to act as a matter of urgency, or risk bringing the economy which has always been struggling to its knees.

“Let the concerned Ministers address this issue urgently before the whole economy grinds to a halt. Lastly, tell us about the fuel situation where you are,” adds Hichilema.

Meanwhile, the Energy Regulatory Board has assured the nation that the country has enough fuel stocks.


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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31