If Roan defeat has shaken the party, then PF is not strong – Bowman

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Lusaka Province Bowman Lusambo has said the Patriotic Front is not shaken despite a humbling defeat in the recently-held by-election in Roan Constituency.

Featuring on Hot FM’s ‘Hot Seat’ program today, Lusambo however said if the party is shaken, then it is not just strong.

And Lusambo who was camped in Roan Constituency during the entire campaign period has admitted that the loss in Roan is painful and a disappointment.

When pushed by the show host Zach Chavula that the loss has pained and shaken the ruling party, Lusambo said the ruling party can’t by shaken by the loss in Roan because PF is strong.

“If Roan has shaken the party (PF), then the party (PF) is not strong. Look Roan can’t shake the party. Yes the pain is there but we aren’t shaken.

“Roan can’t shake the party, you know we were disappointed but that doesn’t mean we are shaken.

“Yes, Pain is there but that doesn’t mean we are Shaken” Lusambo retorted back as Chavula kept on taunting him on the PF loss in Roan.

And when pressed if the party underestimated National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishima Kambwili, Lusambo said it is not Kambwili who has won but Joseph Chishala.

“It is not Kambwili who won in Roan, it’s Joseph. And I want to advise him that as he come to Parliament, he must know that the house is full of decorum. He must not behave like Kambwili”

And Lusambo has also defended the Republican President as the hardworking and dedicated President. He also said Zambians are appreciating the massive infrastructure development which the PF government has embarked on since it got in office.


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  1. After the massive infrastructure development by the PF then what next for the people before 2021? The PF must address this question as we campaign for 2021 despite the presence if the crumbling UPND!

    Coup Democracy
    April 19, 2019 at 8:34 am

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