I will recognise you as Chitimukulu, Dr Sondashi tells Henry Kanyanta

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Dr. Sondashi & Kanyanta after the latter paid a courtesy        call at his residence in Kasama,Monday

Dr. Sondashi & Kanyanta after the latter paid a courtesy call at his residence in Kasama,Monday

Forum for Democratic Alternatives President Dr. Ludwig Sondashi has assured Henry Sosala Kanyanta that once elected president; he will recognize him as The Chitimukulu.

And Dr. Sondashi says under the FDA government, chiefs will justify their existence when he becomes president
He adds that local leaders had the potential to add to the development of the country if involved in decision making by the government.

Dr. Sondashi says that when he is elected President, he will make sure that chiefs remained the custodians of land and that if used properly; Chiefs could be effective instruments of development for Zambia.

Dr.Sondashi explaning on the Sondashi Formula on Radio Mano

Dr.Sondashi explaning on the Sondashi Formula on Radio Mano

Speaking during a political program on radio Mano today, the FDA President says chiefs will be at the center of development and will be made to work and supervise the distribution of free farming inputs such (fertilizer and seed) as part of agricultural reforms which will be introduced under FDA to their subj.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sondashi says if elected republican President, he will recognize the appointment of Henry Sosala Kanyanta as the Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people and will ensure that the appointment of traditional leaders is not interfered with by his government.

He said this when he paid a courtesy call on paramount chief Kanyanta at his residence in Kasama today.
And Henry Sosala Kanyanta has welcomed the idea of reducing excessive presidential powers

The paramount chief says he was humbled to have been visited by Dr. Sondashi and wished the FDA President success in his race to plot 1.

The two had private talks in a meeting which lasted for close to an hour.

Dr. Sondashi will be addressing a public rally in Kasama tomorrow at 10hrs.

Francis Chipalo
Organizing Secretary Press and Public Relations
FDA Party


3 Responses to I will recognise you as Chitimukulu, Dr Sondashi tells Henry Kanyanta

    Nakonde MP Eable Sichula this morning (Monday) suffered High Blood Pressure after Nakonde Residents told Edgar Lungu that they do not want him in Nakonde due to non fulfilling of the 2011 campaign promises by him and the PF as a Party.
    This happened when Edgar Lungu made him to stand to greet the people.
    Nakonde Residents told Edgar Lungu that should he entertain their Area MP, then all of them would vote for the opposition HH and UPND. The residents were heard shouting that ‘HH is better than Lungu for he (Lungu) was surrounded by useless MPs. Edgar Lungu tried to plead with the residents to forgive their area MP and the PF.
    This annoyed Edgar Lungu who warned PF MPs who do not perform to prepare to leave PF. He said that any lazy PF Member of Parliament will not be considered for adoption in 2016, whether he wins or lose the forth coming presidential by elections. He added that MPs who are not working hard are making it difficult for PF to campaign comfortably.
    After leaving the rally, the MP is said to have collapsed in his home within Nakonde following the hostile reception he received from the angry residents but his relatives could not rush him to the nearby hospital for fear of more… humiliation from the residents and the medical staffs.
    His humiliation remained the center of discussion even after 2 hours of Lungu’s departure to Mafinga and Thendere. Majority of Nakonde residents were heard preferring HH to Edgar Lungu mainly because of the unfulfilled promises by the PF. “In the past 3 years, Nakonde was premonitory a PF stronghold, but now things seem to be favouring HH and the UPND”, said the PF source. The area MP is currently bedridden at his residence within Nakonde due to BP which has shot up and the source has described his condition to be stable.
    Because of the booing and loud shouts of the residents, Edgar Lungu was forced to stop addressing the rally and allowed his DJ to play his campaign song with a view of diverting people’s attention but in vain as nobody in the audience expressed interest in the song they hear on radio.
    Meanwhile, the PF campaign team in Nakonde transported close to one thousand Tanzanian Nationals from the nearby Tunduma Town of Tanzania in order to cheat Edgar Lungu’s team and the Zambian people outside Nakonde that Edgar Lungu enjoys massive support in the border town.
    By 07:00 hours on Monday, large groups of Tunduma Residents in Tanzania were seen closing the porous border in readiness to attend Lungu’s rally. 90% of Tanzanians do not have Zambia’s NRCs, but this morning a Nakonde Youth Chairperson promised to get them NRCs if Edgar wins to enable them to participate in the 2016 tripartite elections. The former rulling party MMD was notorious known for conniving with foreign nationals in border areas especially Nakonde, to vote for them in during elections, and it seems PF want to inherit this trend if they win.
    Instead of spending the allocated 30 minutes in addressing the rally, Lungu was forced to cancel his rally telling the residents that rain was about to come, when the sky was very clear.
    Our correspondent who is moving with Edgar Lungu team reports that Edgar left Nakonde a very frustrated man and blamed the UPND for the hostile reception he and PF as a party received.
    And Edgar Lungu during the Nakonde rally failed to articulate issues when he spent three quarters of his address time inattacking UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema. “ HH alenda ati akawamwya TAZARA”,he said. “Mukwayi alemipepa fye, ifwe nga twaisa tukawamya bwinobwino TAZARA “. Boonse abafonfi ba TAZARA bakalafola impiya shabo cilamwenshi, he concluded. Edgar Lungu was more speaking like an opposition leader and not like a candidate who is standing on the ruling party ticket. A lot of Nakonde Residents were herd wondering whether Edgar Lungu was serious with his campaigns or not.

    THE END..

    January 5, 2015 at 9:24 pm


      Mtola Nkani waboza
      January 6, 2015 at 7:24 pm

  2. These politicians! Awe mwee! “I will recognise you as Chitimukulu” ” I will let Bartotseland secede” are the choruses we have been hearing from each liar as they BEG for votes. Yes such Offers are out of desperation

    I will allow Zambia to disintergrate
    January 6, 2015 at 7:23 pm

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