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I will not give up on the petition, our MPs are right – HH

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UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says no matter how many times the courts adjourn the presidential petition he will not give up.


Mr. Hichilema says he is aware that the recent court adjournments on the right to be heard matter is aimed at frustrating him but that he will not give up.


And Mr Hichilema has attributed his not letting go of the presidential petition and court processes to setting a precedence that Zambia must begin holding free, fair and credible elections.


He however says there is unprecedented interference on the judiciary by the PF charging that even that will not stop him from continuing with the legal fight.


Meanwhile the UPND President has praised his members of Parliament for boycotting the state of nation address by President Edgar Lungu on Thursday last week.


Mr. Hichilema says there is no way the UPND MPs would have gone to parliament to listen to what he termed as an “empty” speech by Mr Lungu coupled with political songs.


And on the Chilanga UPND member of Parliament Keith Mukata who attended the address, the UPND President says his actions did not represent the interest of the people who voted for him in Chilanga who are being detained by the PF.


He says Mr Mukata’s action clearly shows that he is only interested in himself and not the people, and the party adding that in due course the nation will be informed of what actions will be taken against him.


Speaking to Journalists in Lusaka this afternoon, Mr Hichilema said there is no way the UPND MPs would join in fostering illegalities by listening to someone whose election is being challenged in the courts of law.


And the UPND President has said that the speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini must step aside for someone who is more professional.


Mr Hichilema says currently, the Speaker has failed to show leadership in Parliament especially after allowing PF MPs to sing insulting songs immediately President Lungu stepped into Parliament.


The UPND President says Speaker Matibini must show cause as to why he should not step aside when he has been supporting PF’s failures both in parliament and across the country.


He adds that the speaker of the National Assembly along with President Lungu must apologize for subjecting Zambians to such a lowly national address but also unparliamentary language used by PF MPs.


The UPND President who looks more determined and resolved has since called on the country to remain hopeful even amidst social, political and economic challenges.


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