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Faith Musonda wants her K56m, US$57 000 back, says police broke into her house?

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Faith Musonda

Faith Musonda a media and communication specialist whose house the police got K56 million and US$57 000 has spoken out accusing the law enforcement agency of unlawfully access to her residence.

Musonda whose whereabouts are not known but police alleges she is on the run says there is nothing illegal about the money as it was legally obtained.

She said this in a message posted on a facebook page:

Hello good evening country men and women as you maybe aware of the story circulating on social media concerning money, I can confirm that law enforcement agencies went into my place in new Kasama and forced care takers to open my house of which they did search and found the said amount.

But at no point have I been involved in politics that money is from the business that I do with my partners all the documents are available and I do pay tax, the money was scheduled to be deposited on Monday.

I and my business partners we have engaged lawyers as I’m out of the country and I will be back next month in October but for now ,our lawyers are handling the matter and I wanted to let you know that this is my official page I will be live today at 21hrs to show you whole documents because I have seen you implicating innocent people ,at no point have I involved myself into an illegal business or to associate with politicians no Faith Musonda


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