I need a job from President Lungu, HH must not prolong my life in politics – Tayali

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Social Commentator and leader of the opposition party called EEP Chilufya Tayali has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to give him a job to enable him sustain his newly found ‘wife’.

And Tayali who has also announced that he is quitting politics, has urged opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Justice Minister Given Lubinda to withdraw their court cases against him.

Tayali stated this in an article below posted on his Facebook page obtained by Zambian Eye.

If there is only thing that my late dad taught me, is to be honest, telling things as they are, because it is less inconveniencing and it saves everyones time and stops a brewing trouble. If you are not honest, you will never be helped, or get out of trouble, rather you will continue suffering and get into more trouble. Just be humble and tell the truth.

Till yesterday, I have never wanted a job from President Lungu because it was going to compromise my position as civil activist or opposition leader. So, all those of you who have been speculating that I could have said whatever, to get a job or be paid, I dead wrong.

To be honest, since I met Queen Sheba (not real name by the way), my perspective on a number of things, particularly politics has changed. She has been challenging me on a number of issues.

You know, there are many beautiful women, who wants to get married but they date many men and yet never get married. I think for a man to think of marrying a woman, she might prove to be more than just beauty. Queen Sheba is more than just beauty.

I really love her because she is honest, kind, generous, focused and very intelligent. She is not just an average person coming from nowhere to be fooled by cheap sweet talk from Zambia, who may not even know who I am. I can assure you, that 98% of you reading this do not know what this girl has come to know about me so far.

She actually reads my articles and comments from here which is why she has turned to be a good adviser.

Yes, I have known her for a short time but I am too experienced to know which one is real Gold and which one is fake. And when I find a real one, why should I wait, lest others gets it. This is real Gold and I am ready to sell all I have to get it.

I know some of you this I am a joker but, it is not my fault that you can’t deduce sense from my satirical kind of writing to make my articles more interesting for you to read, knowing the bad reading culture in Zambia.

I challenge you, if you think I am a joker, how come I have created this audience which is more interactive than the professional comedians, with due respect to them, in Zambia.

Some of you have refused to call me politician, because I have not brought out members of my party, yet you celebrate other other politicians with nothing more to their name. Such that, even their statements moves no one.

Think twice, you may be ridiculing me, because you may not have the capacity tact in the way I write and do things, otherwise, I don’t consider myself a failure or a joker. I have capacity to turn around things.

Anyway, I mean business when I say, I am exiting politics for a more quieter life because politics, as much as I love it, has made me more vulnerable and exposed, which Queen Sheba has recognized and she is not just ready to live that kind of life at her early stage of life.

I want to get married sometime in the last quarter of this year. Remember I am also not so young to prolong my courtship coupled with distance involved, but like I have said, I know Gold when I come across one, so don’t think I have not read some theories on period before marriage.

Anyway, I am opting for family other than politics because, family has always be first, in spite of divorcing almost 10 years ago. When my previous wife walked out on me I was devastated, it is good that I never owed a gun at the time, because the doctors would not have repaired me. But then again, I guess it was not just me time to go to heaven.

I have a very profound and radical way of looking at love, other than the simple emotional feeling we get before a beautiful woman or handsome man. To mean love means dying to oneself and rise in the other. When you love, you stop living for yourself but the person you profess to love, or in need your entire family. I am leaving politics for love.

However, the question is, what next, after politics, certainly I need to engage in something serious and remunerating because love is not edible. People need food, shelter, schools, medicare and other things to make that love flourish.

Though some of you, out of ignorance think I have been doing thing, because you only interact with me on facebook, I have been doing business but, truth be told, that’s not so easy these days, to look after a beautiful Habeshan (Ethiopian) girl, she might end-up starving and Kaisa would pounce.

So, this is a part where I humbly think a ka job from President Lungu would help, something I never thought I would ask for, but I am just a regular guy, who wants to be humble and embrace life as it comes.

I don’t think I am committing a crime to do that, after all I am a Zambian just like Frank Bwalya, or Amos Chanda, after all, I can even beat Kaisa Sulu, so the President can simply fire him and put me there (Hahahaha, for clarity’s sake, Kaisa is my friend and he is good at his job, I doubt I can measure up).

Ethiopia would have been the best place place for me since Queen Sheba is the only child, I would be happier to keep her close to her family whom she loves very much. Taking her out of Ethiopia means air tickets for regular visits which is why a ka job is inevitable.

Again, I am not trying to take away the job of Emmanuel Mwamba because the man is just what we need in Ethiopia and the AU, he has vast experience and very hardworking. Though, he could be more valuable if he took the job of Dora Siliya as we head to 2021.

Anyway, beggars don’t choose, I just hope BaLungu can consider this ka public application, CV baliimona kale, it is right here on facebook.

To those of you who want to make mockery of this article, go ahead, but don’t give me calls when BaLungu makes me assistant to Kaisa Sulu. Otherwise life continues, I will simply do business here, nshafilwapo (I have never failed to survive), especially with Queen Sheba on my side (as you can see in the picture, we will make it, but politics is out.

I just hope HH will not insist on these cases I have with him because they are political and I don’t want any of that, though this is not an admission of guilt, I just want to withdraw from that kind of things. He told me not to write on social media but the man is too difficult to access.

I also hope Given Lubinda will not come with court orders to pay him damages on a case that I kept asking him to withdraw and even apologised. I am looking money for a wedding in Ethiopia, so BaGiven help me with that instead of harassing me, if our friendship should count for something, it is now. I don’t want bailiffs to come and get a few pots from the kitchen party.



3 Responses to I need a job from President Lungu, HH must not prolong my life in politics – Tayali

  1. I never realized how illiterate this man was until reading this nonsense. I hope for his sake, his account was hacked and someone else posted this poorly written, grammatically incorrect drivel to embarrass him.

    March 4, 2019 at 9:41 am

  2. Ba Tayali I hope teimwe mwalembele iyi posting. Lelo nganimwe how do you look for a wife then look for a job later? You should first get the source of income then start hunting.

    Master Dribbler
    March 4, 2019 at 6:19 pm

  3. Tayali is a villager

    March 4, 2019 at 7:48 pm

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