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Edwin Sakala

Edwin Sakala a stooge supporter of President Edgar Lungu but heads a small party called ZDDM says he maybe the next President of Zambia.

Sakala who is a brother to Richard Sakala of Daily Nation Newspaper explains that those who have landed themselves at State House as President apart from Michael Sata were least expected but God chose them.

He says his ZDDM maybe underated today but will form the next government.

The ZDDM stated this in an article below made available to Zambian Eye:


Any normal thinking Zambian can see the hand of God in the fact that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu only campaigned for less than 28 days won the General election, Mwanawasa was woken up from bed and offered presidency while RB was called from his farm in Chipata to end up as President of Zambia. The Garden house meeting elected FTJ as presidential candidate in absentia.

God fearing Zambians who saw the amazing miracles of the sun shinning like diamond on prayer days and who. are shocked by the global campaign of same sex marriage even at the UN and the desperate demonizing campaign against every God fearing leader including the American President Donald Trump and President Lungu is aware that the vicious war between forces of light and darkness is real.

This dangerous spiritual war threatening peace and unity is not only in Zambia but nearly all the countries in the world including   Congo DR where people are butchering each other, Malawi experiencing well engineered demonstrations, Botswana where the former President has been forced to leave  his party and developed nations like America, Britain, Russia , China and many African countries facing a vicious spiritual battle between forces of light and darkness manifesting in the fresh.

God fearing people are now torn between accepting truth and believing the destructive lies being manufactured from hell to fan more confusion, bloodshed across  the world and Armageddon.

ZDDM  in this dark hour in world history will not be cheated but continue supporting President Edgar Chagwa Lungu by all means at its disposal because we as a party know that he is a good leader choosen by God to protect Zambia from the vicious  and frustrated army of the underworld agents plotting his downfall every hour of the day.

In spite of all the evil plots aimed at demonizing him and the satanic prayers on their shrines President Lungu is loved by all God fearing Zambians while the creator is allowing calamities like drought and gankata to visit those who strive on hate and cynical language against the visible developmental work Zambians are witnessing countrywide.

We see ourselves continue the work of saving Zambia after him. 

Spiritually blind Zambians may laugh at this statement that ZDDM will form the next government because they dont know that God uses the rejected corner stones to build his kingdom.

It is a very big mistake for anybody to under rate ZDDM because the truth about Zambian politics is that God from 1964 has at every critical time like this looked at the hearts of all the politicians and choosen the most unlikely but the best  candidates to  lead Zambia as a nation.

ZDDM may not have the “Cursed and evil” foreign money which has destroyed Zambian politics and making some visionless mercenary opposition parties into paper tigers while those of us with ideas to transform Zambia and restore its greatness and vision as enshrined in the National anthem once again remain as voices in the desert.

Some tribal conscious people may look at tribe but then they must accept that God chooses from a people whose nature is to please other people at the expense of their own people hence being used as stepping stones to change.

We want Zambians to once again stand strong, proud, united and free.Zambia to take its place in the sky again like an eagle.

 Zambia has the wealth and riches to meet the needs of every Zambian but the main problem is that we have allowed ourselves to play in the hands of the evil underworld.

We have allowed the same satanic force’s which captures our forefathers like animals and sold them to slavery and later colonised us to continue dividing us.

ZDDM as one of the oldest political parties in Zambia with a clear understanding of how Zambia which was among the best countries on the continent with a high quality of life has lost its glory with the majority population of citizens wallowing in abject poverty and dying from poverty related causes as if the country is at war.

Our priority will be restoring the spirit of love for Christian values, patriotism and nationalism.

We want to use our unexploited abundant wealth to improve the quality and living standard of each and every single Zambian by ensuring that every citizen above the age of 18 will have a bank account through which they will receive a standard percentage of any sell of our natural resources.

From day one we shall decree that lessons in every learning institutions starting from nursery to university should start with a short prayer for God to protect Zambia from forces of hate and division.

And to bring an end to the tribal, regional and partisan division undermining unity as a nation we will Zambianise the mode of democracy by upgrading the House of Chiefs to be an upper parliament while maintaining the current parliament as a lower house.

The upper house will decide on major decisions of national interest such as the National land policy and major policy matters while the lower house will enact laws which will need the approval of the upper house before the president signing them.

We will  adopting a Federal system of government with Lusaka as central government that each province must decide and monitor its development to allow each of the 74 tribes of Zambia participate in the eating of the National cake.

As a Christian nation we shall fight agents of the underworld by promoting peace and justice. National focus should concentrate on production in the nation and not demonizing each other.

ZDDM maybe in the shadow of Zambian politics right now but the truth is that it will form the next government because it is the only political with ideas which can save Zambia from the unnecessary widespread poverty and culture of wasting time on demonizing each other while foreigners are milking our natural resources and sharing our land.

We are meanwhile watching the foreign funded time wasters battling each other as we plan for the future of Zambia and seek the support of traditional leaders on our vision explained in our “LUANGWA-ZAMBEZI MEMORANDUM”

Edwin Sakala
ZDDM President


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  1. In your dreams…Stupidity is an industry.Anyone can dream like you mudala

    June 24, 2019 at 10:26 am

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