I Love Zambia: Key to development in Zambia – a teacher!

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The philosophy of a nation, whether for progress, innovation, technology, economic conquest or political stability and creativity, is shaped by the academic/educational sector of every nation, especially its educators and teachers. And the reasons are naturally simple:

(1) The nation’s brains are chiseled early in classroom;

(2) The nation’s young brains spend more time of their early life in the classroom;

(3) Teachers are perceived, in fact, they are the earliest authoritative influencers children encounter outside of the home;

(4) Before the age of 12, children’s brains can rote/habitually remember things – and this is a good foundation for empiricism and abstraction for future exploitation; and

(5) It is in class with a teacher that a citizen begins to fall in love with notions of patriotism and national building (Geography, Civics, Maths, Sciences, Communication – are not just subjects, they are instruments of change) and a young brain is just learning to be a responsible citizen here.

So, you want to have a nation of responsible, diligent, innovative or experiment-loving citizens, you MUST first and foremost invest in its future, the young brains. You need to give them quality and well-paid teachers, well-equipped classrooms, and better-researched and relevant books.

It is a contradiction in terms that politicians and the voters neglect this and tend to emphasize short-term ingratiation at the expense of real, long-lasting solutions. The role of any government in power should be two-fold; to set in motion legislation that encourages though-provocation, experimental learning, problem-solving and abstract discernment. And two, to empower teachers through good pay, sound condition of service, availability of learning materials, and involvement in continuous professional development, especially by exposing them to other educational models abroad that have produced geniuses who have gone to innovate and champion technological spurts.

Great nations are only great because of what has been bequeathed to them, usually through education and teachers! Isn’t is sad that teachers, especially in Zambia, are the less paid, less motivated, and their careers undesirable or envied? Can Zambia elect a government that realizes that the road to real national development and prosperity, actually, lies with a good teacher!


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