I ‘ll be drinking Chibuku everyday – Lusaka Mayor

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After his picture of him drinking went viral, Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has vowed to drink everyday.

Miles Sampa

Sampa says:

Simple. Advertising a local brew that 80% of my voters drink. Same drink was awarded a few days ago as 20th best brand in Africa.

If we drink or promote more of Chibuku, the company that makes it will have more sales and inturn employ more and more of Lusaka youths.

Now that Chibuku is known abroad, we can also export it and bring more foreign exchange into Zambia and help better the exchange rate.

There is no problem with drinking in small quatities. Over drinking is what is the problem. One of Jesus miracles was to make wine at a wedding after it run out.

I will be drinking one pack of Chibuku per day after work to promote it.

Today I did not even drink in that pic. It was just a pose to promote Chibuku.
If you have drunk shake shake before, you can tell from the pic that the open part of the box was on top and the closed part is what was on my lips.

Remember me when your brother gets a job from the Chibuku Company after increased Chibuku sales.🙏


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