I know the trenches Amos Chanda hides and I can smoke him out like a mice – Tayali

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I am trying to restrain myself, but if Amos does not control his guilty conscious, I will make him my social media interaction daily bread.

He is behaving like serial killer who is being haunted by the spirits of the people he has killed and robbed. Amos is a coward who cannot face his demons of narcissism and he uses naive guys to mess up others. But he is making a big mistake to use the same tactics on me because I am not defenseless like those ministers and fellow State House staff he schemes against.

I know the trenches in which Amos hides and I can smoke him out like a “Kapanga” (mice) from its hole. You don’t mess around with people that you were with in the night when others were sleeping.

Amos should realize that, he is nothing without a Presidential appointment, while I am a self-made “Touch and Go”. I crafted that brand and sold it out, so don’t think I am that cheap because I don’t share in the millions you carry in the car-boots. Amos would would do better to preserve Presidential appointment, than torching nearby bushes when the grass in State House is drying up due to many social and economic challenges. If Amos is intelligent, he would by all means try to be nice even with fools for him to preserve the image of the Presidency. Amos cannot afford to be getting into personal battles with citizens, because it will distract him from representing the President in a manner that befits that office. This Presidency has been brought so low, such that you can even compare it to Katondo Street. The standard has failed so much because of people like Amos and others who are quarreling with ordinary citizens over money deals in the name of the President. Anyway, at times, I don’t blame some of these guys, who are not politically astute because they are like spoiled children who do not know what it too their father to acquire whatever they are enjoying. A number of people surrounding the President, do not understand what it took Sata to wrestle power from MMD and they don’t see the cracks in the wall of political power. Power belongs to the people and it can be withdrawn in an election, like the one coming in 2021. And I can freely tell President Lungu that, Amos will be the first one to run from him. This is why I trust Kaisa, because the boy has loyalty. I am sure Amos would not want me to quote him on that. Chanoda mwaice wandi, you are on thin ice, know what matters and who not to mess with. You were already attacking the SG of PF just because Amos sent you. That was a big mistake and it might cost you. We all want to eat, which is why I am not going to attack you, but choose your battles well. You are being lured into the mouth of a snake, it will eat you but it will also be killed, so your death, politically, will be useless. It is vacuity, that Amos is showing you those SMSes which you can’t even read, let alone understand. He is just trying to manipulate you. Actually, I would advise you to stay away from Chitotela because you are not helping him. Amos is the one using you but people think it is Chitotela because you are always with him.


2 Responses to I know the trenches Amos Chanda hides and I can smoke him out like a mice – Tayali

  1. Someone tell this Tayali fool to just shut up. He has no relevance and is a shameless opportunist.
    Wasn’t he trashing UPND and HH a couple of months ago, while praising everything PF?
    I guess HH almost bankrupt him with the defamation charges, now he’s looking elsewhere to make money.

    April 18, 2019 at 5:19 am

    • Just what is Tayali complaining about?If one puts issues in public domain,one has to clearly state what the issue is all about.

      What then has Amos done to be subjected to the kind of write up Tayali has put up.In any case Tayali is just coming from a bruising battle with HH.Why does he always pick up quarrels with anybody he considers influential?What is in it for him?

      April 18, 2019 at 4:27 pm

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