I have spent and done much for PF – Tutwa

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PF MP and Legal Council – Tutwa S Ngulube

I have spent alot of money for the Patriotic Front (PF) Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube has charged.

In a recorded audio where he is telling off Violent PF Cadre Max Chungu calling himself as PF Die Hard, Ngulube says he has done much for the PF.

Tutwa Ngulube says Max Chongu cannot be the defender of President Edgar Lungu and has warned him to stop issuing defamatory statements or find himself in High Court.
Ngulube who has lost favour among the ruling party faithfuls told Chongu to stop lying to the nation that he was swindled when it is actually him who picked him from Northmead market to join PF.
He said Chongu should not forget that he just joined the PF in 2015 after their bid to make Miles Sampa president failed saying he is the wrong person to defend or speak for the PF.
He accused the former Big Brother star of making living out of gossip and scandalising people.
Former Big Brother participant Max Chongu issued an attack on Kabwe Central member of parliament accusing him of failing to pay money he owes since 2014.
But Ngulube said Chongu should be greatful that he bailed him out cells in Petauke where they were arrested during the 2016 election after their plan to attack the MMD camp back fired.
He said instead of lying to the nation  that his is owed some money he should be telling the nation that it was Ngulube who did not only bail him out but arrenged money for him and that cadres he was arrested with to travel back to Lusaka.
Tutwa Ngulube is embroiled in a dispute with the Party and has taken a legal suit to prevent the party from expelling him.
He has also demanded that he be paid $10m for legal fees and a Toyota Landcruiser Lungu promised him.

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