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Even Ministers are taking my medicine, I have cured 400 HIV positive people – Dr. Sondashi

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SF2000 founder Dr Ludwig Sondashi

SF2000 founder Dr Ludwig Sondashi

Innovator of the Sondashi Fomular 2000, Dr. Ludwing Sondashi has retaliated that his herbal medicine cures HIV virus, reports Zambian Eye Correspondent in Lusaka.

And Dr. Sondashi has revealed that despite lack of good will by government some Ministers believe in his medicine and some are even taking it.

Speaking when he featured on Sunday Interview programme on ZNBC Television monitored by Zambian Eye, Dr. Sondashi also revealed that he has so far cured between 300 and 400 people who are now negative.

Dr. Sondashi narrated how he discovered the Sondashi Formula (SF 2000) in 1999 with the intention of wanting to cure his son who was HIV positive. He narrated that he went to village to look for herbs that could cure diseases such as Bilharzia, flu among others. He said unfortunate his son died while he was still looking for a cure.

Asked by the interviewer on how he just came up with idea, he said one day something came into his mind that he tries to come up a concoction of herbs and the result was the Sondashi Formula 2000 which cures the virus causing HIV. He explained that he first administered this herbal medicine on his relatives before going public.

Dr. Sondashi who once served as Minister under MMD government also narrated how his herbal medicine did not receive political will from the government. He said after late President Levy Mwanawasa took over in 2002, he instructed Dr. Patrick Chikusu to do a clinical trial of the medicine and the trials showed that the herbal cures the HIV virus. He said unfortunate in the process then Minister of Health Angela Cifire blocked Dr. Chinkusu’s report frustrating the whole process.

He said at this point he thought of seeking help elsewhere and he signed a contract with a private company in South African that did the trials and proved that the medicine cures the HIV virus. He said his medicine was also tried in the US and the results were the same.

Dr. Sondashi explained that despite three countries proving clinical trials that his herbal medicine cures the HIV virus, there has been no political will at all by the Zambian governments at the expense of a number of lives that are being lost.

“I feel sad because people are dying and these are people who vote for them (politicians),” an emotionally charged Dr. Sondashi said. ” And Ministers come to collect my medicine because they know that it works.”

Dr. Sondashi who heads a political party called Forum for Democratic Alternative (FDA) narrated how a Minister under Rupiah Banda went to him and asked him to go back to MMD if he wanted government’s help on his herbal medicine. He said as far as he was concerned it was over and could not join MMD again.

“My medicine speaks for its self because it has passed through lab trials in three countries. If Zambia took this it will create jobs, this is gold man,” said Dr. Sondashi when asked why he spoke with confidence.

He said he feels sad that the Zambian government had not taken the SF 2000 serious adding that the herbal was capable of not just serving lives but create revenue for the country.

“SF 2000 is more than gold, it can create jobs. This government can stop borrowing,” said Dr. Sondashi.

Dr. Sondashi said the deal with the South African company could not work because it wanted 70 percent of ownership while him as inventor with the Zambian government would only have 30 percent. He said he refused and would be writing to the company to cancel the contract.

He said the Zambian government should now take up the challenge and find a pharmaceutical company preferably in India that could purify and package his medicine that is currently in powder form into capsule form.

Dr. Sondashi however explained that he is aware that alot of money is being made from selling ARV drugs hence the process to approve his SF 2000 was facing all these challenges. He said the ARVs only makes the virus dormant while his medicine kills the virus.

He explained that people on ARVs are allowed to continue while taking his SF 2000.




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