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I am working with government and not PF says Mutinta Mazoka

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UPND founder Anderson Mazoka’s wife Mutinta says she is working with the ruling Patriotic Front – PF government and not the party PF as it is being reported.

Mutinta who is UPND Pemba constituency Member of Parliament said at a media briefing in Lusaka that as MP, she interacts and works with government officials including Ministers. She explained that this does not mean she intends to join the PF government.

Deputy Spokesperson for UPND Edwin Lifwekelo said the party had no policy stopping members from working with government. Lifwekelo said the UPND however has a policy that bars its members from working with the PF as a party.

Over the weekend, Zambian Eye reported that during the tour of her constituency with Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Harry Kalaba, Mutinta said she was happy with the PF government response when called upon to attend to problems.

Mutinta further said PF was better than MMD government which she accused of having neglected areas that were under the opposition control.

But today Mutinta dispelled assertions that she could join the PF government. She took a swipe at PF Southern province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda for issuing a statement that she was working with PF. Mutinta said Hapunda could have consulted her before issuing a misleading statement.

She said she is a believer of UPND policies and will never abandon the party foundered by her late husband for the seek of money like others are doing.


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