I am ready to surrender the PF presidency even today if that’s what they want – Lubinda

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PF acting President Given Lubinda says he was ready to surrender the PF Presidency if that’s what members want.

And Lubinda says he was not aware of the trip by his colleagues who travelled to meet the Chitimukulu over the weekend for consultation on what they termed ‘governance issues of the country’.

There has been reports that former President Edgar Lungu is not happy with the way Lubinda is running the party at the moment.

Lubinda has since been summoned for a meeting after being accused of dividing the PF party and will be forced to appoint tribalists Chishimba Kambwili, Emmanuel Mwamba and others into the PF Central committee.

But in an interview, Lubinda said he was ready to gladly surrender the PF leadership to others if that was the wish of the members.
“Well, I am a democrat, I can relinquish the leadership of the PF even today, Lubinda said.

And the PF acting President Lubinda said he was not aware of the trip by other PF senior members who travelled for a consultative meeting with the Chitimukulu over the weekend.

Asked whether he would have accompanied the team to the Chitimukulu, Lubinda said he was ever ready to serve the PF and the country and such a trip would have provided him an opportunity for wider consultation.

“Honestly I was not aware. If I had been informed and invited, I would have made myself available like I always do. Perhaps you can ask the organisers of the trip on how they were selected to travel. It is a very difficult question for me. You are really assuming I should have imposed myself on a trip I had no idea of”, Lubinda told reporters.


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