Hunger looms in Chasefu District of Eastern Province

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By Chileshe Mwango

Hunger in chasefu district of eastern province is looming following the poor crop harvest the district has recorded in the 2021/2022 farming season as a result of the effect of climate change.

According to Chioniso Zimba and Wesley Nyirenda both small scale farmers in Egichikeni village in senior chief Magodi’s chiefdom, the area just like other parts of the country was also hit by a serious dry spell at the beginning of the 2021/2022 farming season.

According to Mr. Zimba and Mr. Nyirenda, most crops they had planted like maize, groundnuts, soya beans and sunflower all wilted due to the dry spell experienced.
And some affected women farmers talked to have appealed to government to begin preparing for relief food failure to which the area will experience hunger.

They explain that during the 2020/2021 farming season, they experienced a good rainfall pattern which saw them grow adequate food which they were even able to sell to the Food Reserve Agency-FRA-, something they will not be able to do this year.


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