Humphrey Siulapwa resurfaces goes after Kambwili

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Humphrey Siulapwa

New Generation Party Humphrey Siulapwa has resurfaced with a warning to outspoken Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili for ridiculing the Presidency.

Speaking at a Media Briefing in Lusaka on Sunday, Mr. Siulapwa says it is wrong for the former Minister to insult, ridicule, demean and disrespect the head of State.

He has charged that Mr. Kambwili’s ending will be worse than that of individuals the country has had due to his lack of respect and insults he has been showering on Republican President Edgar Lungu and his government.

“How can one loose respect for the President he used to praise not long ago? Mr. Kambwili has been insulting the Head of State, insulting Ministers and other Government officials with no shame”, Mr. Siulapwa stated.

He further went to caution the Roan MP to desist from attacking people like former President Rupiah Banda.

Meanwhile, the NGP leader has called on youths in the country to take up farming to empower themselves.

He says youths should not just be complaining of being unemployed but venture in to agriculture and create business opportunities for themselves.

Mr. Siulapwa notes that not everyone can be employed in government hence his call for young people to venture in other productive schemes.

The opposition leader has also praised President Lungu for going round the country checking on developmental projects being undertaken.

He says the President has done well to reduce on foreign trips and concentrate on local trips of checking and supervising development.


2 Responses to Humphrey Siulapwa resurfaces goes after Kambwili

  1. Mr Siulapwa,
    Your observations on the vulgar language uttered by one named politician is correct.
    I have a few questions for you sir.

    1. What is the political ideology of your political party?

    2.What alternative policies has your party come up with as an alternative to those of either the ruling party and others so that the masses can buy into your theories?

    3.What is the current structure of your political party and when did you last receive your presidential mandate. I ask so that I know whether or not that you are a democratic party?

    4. What is the best mode of advising in your observations a wrong doer? Should it be behind closed doors or should it be through international media via press etc?

    5. I find your current style of conduct to be opportunistic…prove me wrong and I will elucidate further on this point.

    Please take my questions with the seriousness they deserve.
    I rest my thoughts…

    February 19, 2018 at 4:43 pm

  2. Zambian politicians ngensala yabanyokola kwima namalumbo yabufi kulichagwa ,Sebana wikute . we know every one is in panicking mode in Pf , they are failing to sleep peacefully . time is coming , mukulolekesha emukutobolwa , mupembabwalwa apembe inkonto . every day we are counting down . God is watching . bashiwakwi namulyokela amuchilapo amano .

    February 19, 2018 at 6:30 pm

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