Christianity vs Politics: How politicians abuse the word of God for political expediency (Part 2)

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FB_IMG_1469378793838By Bill Kaping’a

Like those that have gone before them; modern-day politicians have continued using the word of God for political expediency, including the current one unfortunately! During the run up to independence and in the early years of his presidency, Kenneth Kaunda (KK) would emphasize his Christianity.

“I was brought up in a Christian home and my Christian belief is part of me now. It is still my habit to turn to God in prayer asking for his guidance,” he would assure his people. This would endear him to the masses and earn him unflinching adoration and respect in return.
When our politicians finally make it to State house, several individuals with a myriad of proposals promising to help turn the economy around (bogus or genuine) would start chasing after them. Kaunda is one such individual who would fall for the charm of one Dr. M. A. Ranganathan with his promises of heaven on earth! In no time, they established the David Universal Temple at State House that KK and some of his closer lieutenants would start frequenting.

When it became palpable that Kaunda was openly flirting with Eastern religious beliefs, he would fast begin alienating himself from the masses. This coupled with the collapsing economy and popular revolts both within and outside his party UNIP, was too much for Kaunda to bear. A couple of months later, he would abruptly cut-short his stay in office and call for fresh elections. As of course expected by many, he would go on to lose the polls to the much fancied Fredrick Chiluba by whooping 75.9%!

In the run up to the elections, Chiluba would use the rift between Kaunda and Christians to his advantage by over-emphasizing his Christianity. He stressed his impeccable credentials as a genuine spirit-filled, born again Christian! Barely two months after his election; Chiluba called for a “celebration of praise” at State House at which he declared Zambia as a Christian nation, live on national television. Although this was widely received with frenzied jubilation by so called born-again Christians, the reaction from the Episcopal Council of Zambia (ECZ) and the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) was muted as they were not consulted prior to the declaration.

This did not seem to bother Chiluba that much though; before the dust could even settle down, he went ahead and opened up the previously closely guarded airwaves – a private Christian Television Channel, spearheaded by one of his ministers of course, was allocated a frequency while Christian programmes were introduced on national television.

Ironically, this would be the time that the worst plunder of national resources never witnessed before in the history of this nation would occur! While the nation was seemingly “hypnotized” deep in prayer, government and party officials were busy looting the treasury – ministers and several senior government officials would begin stashing stolen funds in offshore accounts, building or acquiring mansions in exclusive sea sides resorts and sending their children to prestigious schools abroad! Individuals who were seen walking in flip flops and living in shanty compounds not so long ago had become instant millionaires overnight!

“I didn’t know that this seat was so sweet,” Chiluba would quip upon assuming office. Having indeed tested power, the eloquent former trade union leader didn’t seem prepared to leave when his term was fast coming to an end. Working in cahoots with some clergy, Chiluba would begin toying with the idea of going for a third term against the constitutional provision of two terms. There was specifically an infamous group of 30 pastors from Ndola who would shamefully parade themselves in front of television cameras and speak of how God had appeared to them in their sleep urging them to ask the nation to allow Chiluba go for a third term! Those that dared oppose or question such maneuvers were simply dismissed as “ungodly!”

But thank God, civil society was bold and vibrant those days; they dared Chiluba and fought running battles with him until he abandoned such satanic schemes. After the botched third term attempt, Levy P. Mwanawasa would re-appear on the political scene and eventually take over from him. Being a decent fellow who believed in doing things straight, he would immediately set on recovering what was stolen during Chiluba’s tenure. As misfortune would have it though, Mwanawasa would succumb to the cold hand of death leaving his Vice President Rupiah B. Banda to step into his shoes. 

Look out for the final part!


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  1. @ Bill Kaping’a,You are doing well.Just waiting for your next article.That is what Kaiser Zulu has done.Being a political advisor to our ECL he set-out to find the “easiest ” way to secure ba Lungu a re election(given the economic hardships Zambians are going through).He has “branded” the president as “GOD FEARING”,calling for prayers at every opportunity,(even declaring 18th October National Day of prayer,”prophets” have declared him “Gods’ choice!!,Building the “National House of Prayer”,at every opportunity pictures are taken of our Presido in Church!!,the opposition leaders are labelled ” satanists”,non God fearing etc.THIS IS ZAMBIA!!!

    July 26, 2016 at 3:51 pm

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