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How Mosho P.R disaster on M’membe’s salary will backfire

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Fred M’membe

By Kasebamachila Kaseba

Lewis Mosho who so-called liquidated The Post newspaper to recover salary arrears for 5 of estimated 2,000 employees and ZRA tax arrears was in the public media news with a figure of what should be M’membe’s former or ‘liquidated’ salary.

First, Mosho has not guided how the liquidation will proceed and wind up for the benefit of all employees or what Mosho has been paid for this and other hitman jobs. What is Mosho’s salary.

Mosho is out of his depth in public relations (P.R) and seems to be fighting petty and personal battles more than the persons involved. Mosho’s abuse of the public media and attempt to scandalise M’membe will end him badly.

EL and Mosho’s attempts at P.R coups will end in disaster as FJT exposure of State House tunnels as KK’s tunnels that badly backfired as many Zambians found FJT childish and personal and insecure. I am unsure FJT and the ZNBC journalist he used ever recovered from that public relations disaster. Otherwise, there was a way Zambians wanted to suspect than know for certain about tunnels under State House.

On the other hand, FJT did failed to learn that Zambians only wanted KK out of power and not out of the country deported to Malawi and not out of life killed in Kabwe or out of society imprisoned at Mukobeko or under house arrest.

Similarly, Mosho’s savage attempts to add insult to injury, that is, mock M’membe for a salary he himself liquidated with backfire on Mosho.


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