How I met the love of my life.. based on a true story…. part 1

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book-promotion-writing-romance2By Isaacs Phiri

It was a sunny sunday morning durin my second year vacation, I had not been home for close to six months. I Prepared and off I went to church expecting to see old friends and maybe new faces as always.

By then I had just recovered from my first and worst break up which took more than I expected to gain conscious and move on. I was late for church (catholic) but I was fully aware that my back bencher buddies would squeeze up when they see me.

To my surprise, I found a team of navy blue and white-clad bossy women called ba league occupying the back bench. I was shocked and furious but I was helpless and powerless. So I found an alternative seat in church right behind the right entrance door.

It took ten minutes for me to catch my breath and gain courage to scan people in church while Fr. Malama was busy preaching. As usual, same old faces and few new ones but just as I was about to conclude my scanning…. she got my attention….. who is she? Is it her first time here or has she been here for a while? I asked myself.

I finally had enough reason not to be missing church anymore when I took time to see her properly during offering. She had a natural unique beauty, no make-up on, natural kinkish hair, simple fashion sense but managed to tamper wth my pulse rate still..

Part 2 coming soon


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