How I met Andy Mazoka

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Mazoka greets a motorist

By Brian Mulenga

It was in 1980. It was on the highway. We were rushing to Lusaka. We were going to watch a football match. Dad also had a lunch date at Inters with his cousin.

As we were flying down the Kapiri Kabwe stretch at 170 kilometers an hour we were stunned to see a White Mitsubishi Colt Galant zip past us.

It was not the ordinary one assembled in Chingola. This one had chrome trim and it was also super fast. The ordinary ones only did 180 max. This beast was flying. A little bit later, somewhere near Liteta, the beast had parked.

My dad came to a stop. There was a man standing next to the car. He was tall handsome and immaculately dressed. Dad got out and asked me to come along. We walked over to talk to the tall, smartly dressed man. He was having a cup of what smelled like Milo and eating some sandwiches.

My father greeted him warmly “Andy”. “Michael” the man boomed back. He had a deep rich baritone. I was introduced and I said Hi to the lady sitting in the front seat. I stared at the lady who was holding a Greener shotgun and was wearing a long leather fur trimmed coat. She was just as fashionably dressed and both wore matching clothes.

My dad and Uncle Andy hugged, they began talking shop. Asking about friends and so on. The lady gave me some hot cocoa and biscuits.She was looking smoking hot to my 11-year-old eyes.

I mean this was the life I thought beautiful woman. Picnic basket in the car. Hot car.

As we drove off I asked what does Uncle Andy do. He is an engineer, he is GM (General Manager) at Diacarb in Ndola was the reply. GM for us on the Copperbelt was a big job. Really big. GM was like Paramount chief in his respective town. So Uncle Andy was one of them ? OK.

Hmmmm I thought so Engineers get to drive nice cars and have beautiful women riding shotgun literally.


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