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Hold party elections to show democracy, PF tells opposition parties

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The ruling PF has urged opposition political parties to learn from it by holding intra-party elections to prove their democratic ethos and credentials.

This however, come at the time, a number opposition parties have been barred from holding intra-party elections, with the authorities citing contravention of covid-19 guidelines which bars people from gathering.

However, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says the intra-party elections being held by his party are a clear demonstration that the PF is committed to uphold and practice democracy and urged opposition parties a take a leaf.

Speaking during the PF Muchinga Provincial elective conference in Chinsali District, Mwila said a party cannot claim to be democratic without holding elections.

Most recently, members of the UPND were arrested at a farm holding intra-party elections at a farm.

It is alleged they were arrested at the instigation of ruling party cadres and were charged with unlawful assembly for holding intra-party elections.


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