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1964 Cabinet

1964 Cabinet

By Mwizenge S. Tembo (Ph. D.  Professor of Sociology)

During the night for about 12 hours on 7 February in 1968,  Zambia did not have a President. I was sleeping in my Aggrey House dormitory bed with my school mates as a young Form Two student at Chizongwe Secondary School in Chipata. Over 3 million of my fellow Zambians had no idea what potential danger and catastrophe was brewing in the Capital City of  Lusaka.

Political conflict,  vicious tribal divisions and fights had become so bad at the UNIP’s National Council conference hall in Chilenje in Lusaka that President Kaunda had stormed out of the conference in disgust and disappointment and had resigned as President of Zambia. He had driven to State House to pack his bags to leave. The tribal conflicts all over Zambian had been building up for months. The top leadership at the conference knew what bloody chaos would fall on the entire nation if President Kaunda resigned. Zambia was only 4 years young and  a very fragile nation.

Tribalism Ugly Head

The top leadership of Vice President Simon Kapwepwe and Grey Zulu told all the leaders not to leave and  to stay in the Conference Hall in Chilenje. They knew the whole nation was tittering on the brink of an unimaginable disaster. The 2 leaders followed President  Kaunda to State House to persuade him to reverse his resignation. Church leaders, representatives of the army, police, and friends went to State House all night. President Kaunda by morning had reversed his decision. Zambia had dodged the ugly scourge and divisive evil that is tribalism.

During the recent Presidential elections, vicious tribalism has reared its ugly head again. There have been charges, counter charges about tribalism, and finger pointing among the two leading political parties; UNDP and the PF. The intellectuals have been in the middle of these verbal tribal fights, dousing the political flames, taking sides and apparently using some of the most hateful language. Why all of a sudden is this tribalism becoming so bad after 50 years of relative peace and harmony? One possible explanation is that we have generations of Zambian leaders and citizens who may be too young to remember how, who, what struggles, what it takes, the leadership, and the sacrifices that brought  Zambians together to be a peaceful nation.

Solutions to Tribalism

The solution to tribalism today is to deeply understand the sacrifices and revisit our national history and how our founding fathers and mothers built a stable Zambian nation to begin with. May be we could learn from our own history. There are those of us who are educated and see other countries that appear to be more democratic. We want our constitution to have articles from the constitutions of those countries and insert them into Zambia’s constitution. This alone cannot solve our apparent national problem of crisis of tribalism. We have to change people’s minds and hearts. That is not easy and hardly happens overnight. The constitution alone, however well written with well-meaning appropriate clauses, cannot solve some of the apparent tribalism problems and the animosity that emerged during this recent election.

Incidentally, the time to implement solutions is now and not when various tribes, stakeholders, and groups are at war and cannot talk to each other any longer. Political leaders ought to visit Rwanda, go to Kenya and see the terrible impact of the recent political violence, visit Somalia, Southern Sudan, understand the history of apartheid South Africa and NAZI Germany periods. Even developed democratic countries are not immune to this racial, ethnic, or tribal hatred. There are plenty of examples of what hate can bring to an otherwise peaceful nation like Zambia. No Zambian from the top leadership to the ordinary citizen, or even the cadres should  take the peace and tranquility for granted.

One Zambia One Nation

At the very beginning of the nation in 1964, the founding Fathers and Mothers of the nation and President Kaunda had decided that Zambia would be a non-racial and non-tribal society. These were not just empty slogans. They put these guiding principles into practice through offering opportunities for leadership, education,  and the economy to every Zambian without taking into consideration race, tribe, region of origin, sex, and other differences. Secondly, they taught and preached those ideologies and  policies of love, unity, Humanism, One Zambia One Nation, tolerance, non-violence,  in every aspect of  life for all Zambians every single moment every day.  I know because I lived through that whole period. I did not have to read about it or listen to rumors or some second hand twisted historical revisionism today. The best life style the leadership encouraged was social intermixing, integration, and the intermarriage that happened among the young generation  as a result. We Zambians may be ethnically the most socially integrated not just in Africa but the entire world. We ought to regard this with pride as a strength although societies which  still practice racial, ethnic, and religious segregation, may regard this as a national weakness.

Tribalism and Presidential Elections

What is the solution to the tribal politics and voting that happened during the recent elections? All Zambian leaders and citizens must go back to history and understand what our founding fathers did to create unity, a non-violent, non-racial and non-tribal society. All the Chiefs who encouraged their subjects recently only to vote for people from their own tribes were wrong. All political parties and their leaders who encouraged people to vote just for the candidate of their tribe were wrong. To say that it is the other tribe or political party who started it or made tribal statements first is not a good excuse. This was not Zambian political behavior. We cannot change or improve something unless first we know and acknowledge what was wrong.

Denounce Tribalism and Violence

During the next 18 months before the next election, all political leaders must make a clear effort to first denounce violence and tribal politics among all Zambians and especially their political supporters and cadres. The Zambian voters must also become better educated about our own political history. Every Zambian reading this should realize that once that peaceful tranquility is perhaps accidentally lost due to careless, irresponsible, and inflammatory tribal statements and actions among leaders, it will be impossible to get back the stable and peaceful Zambia we enjoy and cherish for ourselves and our children in the future. I have a first grandchild who is barely three weeks old. I would like her when she grows up to live in a peaceful Zambia that I as her grandfather has lived in for more than 50 years.

If you would like to know more about how the founders and Zambians fought tribalism in Zambian politics and struggled and sacrificed from 1964 to 1991, you can read Chapter 16: “Evolution of government and multiparty democracy in Zambia from 1964 to 1991” in my book: Satisfying Zambia Hunger for Culture. If you would like to know why and what caused President Kaunda to resign that night 47 years ago, read the book: Night Without a President  by Sikota Wina.

Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D. | Department of Sociology | Professor


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  1. Dear Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D,
    You have explained, yes. But us people of North Western, Western and Southern and part of central and copper belt rural provinces (see 2015 voting pattern) have been ridiculed, called Tribalist already by people from North Eastern Rhodesia. The damaged is already done by thinkless and heartless North Eastern Rhodesians as you know that you cant mend a broken egg. We want to develop quickly to catch up the lost time in 50 years due to wasted effort of keeping fake union under one Zambia one nation. We are a people of different ideologies who have realized that we cant live together any more. One group believe in looting GRZ while another group believe in creating wealth, share this wealth with others through proper governance systems. At the moment tell me, what pride is there in ECZ? Judiciary? Police? None. In these systems are all corruption, mistrust. That’s why North Western Rhodesians through Barotse are pulling out of shell Zambia. So focus you intellect on demarcation of Zambia. Forget about this fake union. Nature has forbidden it, you can imagine the colonialist saw that we are different and we only come to realize this 100 years later.

    janza kumbele
    January 31, 2015 at 10:48 am

    • @janza Kumbele,

      Well written, tell them!

      February 1, 2015 at 10:04 am

    • Dear Janza Kumbele,

      You have already made a decision that you do not want change from this comment that you have made. As human beings we are created to not be secluded but included. You say you cannot mend a broken egg true but I say stop crying over spilt milk get up and move on. Yes words hurt but actions speak louder than words, letting harsh and hateful words from fellow Zambians should not be an excuse to prevent you from making a difference. Mr Mwizenge has put much thought into the matter and come up with a good fraction of a solution, you are the educated reader are to inform others of this brilliant idea and put it into effect. You know why there is no trust in the places you have mentioned it is because we have limited ourselves to not put trust in the people qualified to assist the Nation. Nature has not forbidden anything, its our shallow minded lazy selves that have forbidden by not getting up and cleaning up our own mess. If you wait for someone else to clean up the mess we have made for ourselves no ever will unless you janna get up and do it yourself by being an example to see a change in our Nation and leading others to do that as well

      February 1, 2015 at 6:34 pm

  2. Well written researched paper Sir

    January 31, 2015 at 11:40 am

  3. I agree entirely with the author. The ones responsible for this scenario are the politicians themselves who have been busy accusing each other of tribalism. I am an Easterner but voted for HH because I thought he was a better leader than my tribesmate. But the politicians have been bombarding me with this image that UPND is tribal which I don’t see myself. So politicians from across the divide should stop this cancer they want to spread in the nation. They are the ones trying so hard to make Zambians so tribe-conscious

    January 31, 2015 at 11:51 am

    • And also the POST NEWSPAPER have been promoting tribal talk and hatred in the country. They have for a long time played with the minds of the people by openly declaring that UPND is a tribal party, when the voting pattern and the ‘forestry tree’ way of doing things in PF clearly shows that actually PF is even more tribal. All this tribal talk by them should be stopped. Also empty tins politicians like Leopard Kambwili should be told to tame their tongues-some of us who read his last outburst recently when he was reported boosting about his deliverly of 70% vote to EL in Luanshya, he said very shit things about HH/UPND which actually was tantamount to rigging because some people were still voting in other parts of the country.

      January 31, 2015 at 9:46 pm

      • The Post is sheer shit

        Ba Ntamba Lukuta
        February 1, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    • My brother you did well to vote for UPND. Do not even get worried.

      February 2, 2015 at 6:20 am

  4. Dr, You have not pin pointed where the problem is. You are just skirting round the problem. Come on hit the head of the nail. People voted. The complaint from bemba land is that Tongas voted for UPND, according to Chama the secretary General of PF. He should tell us if Luapula voted for HH. Nothern despite all the atrocities they went through under PF, who did they vote for? PF the oppressor,why because other tribes cant be presidents. Tell me if this is not tribalism by PF, Luapula and Northern. There is tension in the country. People are being hacked for being UPND MEMBERS. Tell me if this is not tribalism. HH got votes from Lamba land, Central ,North western, Western, LUSAKA and eastern. Now tell me are all these areas under southern or not. Why the comments. We have heard a lot of lip service for too long. From the western side of the country already Lozis are agitating for cecession. Why, because they are highly marginalized. Soon other tribes will follow suit. Is that a anormal situation? Let our friends from Luapula and Northern start respecting other tribes. Let them teach their children to respect other tribes, then you will have solved the problem. tribal talk does not suit any one at any time,in any situation under the sun. I’m married to a bemba. It pains to see my children being marginalized because their father is Lozi and thei mother being bemba. Tell the media also to slow down on this issue. They are inciting.So PROF TAKE THE BULL BY ITS HORNS. THANK YOU

    January 31, 2015 at 11:59 am

    • Spot on

      NorthWestern Zambian
      January 31, 2015 at 12:05 pm


      Excellent, indeed spot on. Am a Northerner but a firm believer in UPND as a party and do not condone this tribal talk. In a build up to recent election day, young boys and girls on Face Book media for online papers had even the guts of saying HH can not be allowed to rule because his tribe is cursed-it made me shed tears to see this kind of hatred and deep rooted tribalism. As u rightly stated, us parents should start preaching one Zambia one nation slogan to our children, I mean if our children can be so much carried with this tribal talk, it means they must have seen it from us which is a shame indeed.
      Lets not let this tribal talk nonsense be a hindrance to someone being president. HH lost the just ended elections because PF, starting from their president EL and top leadership capitalised on the painting UPND tribal party when even their own,the then SG Kabimba b4 he jumped off the boat had clearly stated that PF was tribal party. This is total hypocrisy at its worst by PF…….

      January 31, 2015 at 10:15 pm

  5. The current generation has not been taught how this country came about and what sacrifices were paid by people like Nkumbula,Katilungu,Mainza Chona,Wina,Zulu,M.Liso etc.
    They have grown up thinking their tribe or region created Zambia and that it is their right to dominate other regions.
    I don’t see any change in the voting pattern next it will be PF,UPND,MMD in that order.
    I am short of agreeing with @janza Kumbele that maybe we need to come with another way to keep Zambia as a united country.
    It’s time we debated openly without being threatened with treason.

    NorthWestern Zambian
    January 31, 2015 at 12:01 pm

  6. I wish to agree with the sentiments raised by the writer above. Dear mwizenge Tembo phd u r not be realistic in yoir editorial and I wish to remind u that it such kind of minced editorials which do not solve the peoblem in zambia. The writings are still clear on the wall that during the runners up to the 2015 presidential elections, a lot more of tribal sentiments were raised by our colleagues from north eastern rhodesia which passed un condemned. It was only when the old minute munkombwe raised the same utterances when issue became a hymn which was sung in the public domain. Let us realise that zambia is for all of us zambian and therez no single zambian who is above the other. It not a secret that the bembas hv bn calling tongas with all sorts of insults and these insults hv been published both in the print and electronic media. What stops u from calling the bembas from desisting in publishing their tribal sentiments against the tongas. U must as well know that the presidency has been oscilating between the bembas and the ngonis whereas the tongas hv not been given the chance. And each time a tonga tries to excel the elections a lot more will be done to replace him with either a brmba or ngoni does it mean that its only our colleagues who hv the skills to lead this country? Tribalism can only be stopped when our brothers from the east and north acknowledge that even tongas can lead the country

    January 31, 2015 at 12:10 pm

  7. We should call a spade a spade. People of southern province never started this verbal tribal war but the Bembas and easterners did that through politics. The fact that they failed to convince the people of southern province through their campaigns to vote for them, the excuse they had was that the tonga people were tribal. The voting pattern in SP, EP, Luapula and northern provinces inclined towards the tribe of the candidate. So why single out only the tongas. People like mmembe through his post has done a lot of damage and tribal suspicion will always be there. I think we should change the constitution to a federal government system so that each province can make its own decisions. If not we split the country into two.

    January 31, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    • I strongly agree with your last point which talks about having a federal Constitution for provincial/sub state governance purposes. This will greatly make sense and assist in fair distribution of resources and development. It has not been fair for development to take place only along the railway line and not in our provincial cities and townships .Federal governance brings about jobs and wealthy creation as each region will through the sub state Constitution provides for a right to self rule and determination within the sovereignty of country’s national constitution. So federal Constitution and decentralization is the best way to go .Thank you.

      June 7, 2019 at 2:02 pm

  8. Scratching at the surface of the real issue is what this article has done. Not worth the space

    child of the sky
    January 31, 2015 at 12:26 pm

  9. Yes,splitting the country into two is what we need now.i urge all our cousins lozis,kaondes,luvales,lenjes etc to raise beyond their challenges and begin to seek how they can also be presidents of this nice republic.the only way we can do this is by telling our children who are qualify to vote to make sure that we vote in masses us tongas we have done it this is this reason that these bembas are now crying because they have realised that if this pattern continues they will be out of power.our theme for next year’s elections will be,let the tribalist talk while north western rhodesians vote in large numbers.very very soon,either a tonga or lozi or kaondes will be president for this great country.let us not lose hope we must counter them head on ladies and gentlemen.I thank you!

    concerned zambian
    January 31, 2015 at 1:50 pm

  10. I meant splitting is what we dont want.i thank you

    concerned zambian
    January 31, 2015 at 1:51 pm

  11. Already the article writer has missed the role played by Princess Nakatindi over the resignation of Dictator KK. This is what we mean by tribalism.

    imute wa kalilo
    January 31, 2015 at 3:31 pm

  12. Paid up Professor, Br your writings lacked substance. I hope you are not looking for a job because the tone of your writings suggest so.

    Can you come up with proper historical back ground or paper which gave birth to this country called zambia not these grade 7 composition writings. If you go to south africa there is very well documented history both in writings, audio and video but here in zambia nothing not even you who claim to be scholar of sosiology have this important piece of information.

    There should be something that happened before, during and after zambia was born which breeding so much anger among the people different region and that is the piece of info we may be interested in not fake peaceful stories. We may also want you tell us what you know about this barotseland and northern rhodesia.

    cape town
    January 31, 2015 at 3:38 pm

  13. i find this article not written by a prof if anything its meant to make the tongas lozis and those in northern western provinces take the blames . and yet these are non tribalists all .it appears as if this man doesnt know history he only knows history after 1964 my advise to such learned people is to learn to avoid making offensive statements by trying to make others feel stupid.i must agree with others that the lozis played a very important role in making zambia be what it is from 1964. it is only good to seperate as this union has proved useless. let us not fool each other.

    January 31, 2015 at 5:36 pm

  14. Tribalism and nepotism became very pronounced during Sata’s administration. Those who were courageous enough to point this out were vilified-even during and after Sata’s funeral Zambians decided to ignore the horrible legacy that Sata had bequethed the nation- although the evidence of Sata’s tribalism was everywhere ( from a cabinet composed of bembas to 2 universities in Muchinga province), Zambians pretended that Sata was a saint. This failure to acknowledge and deal with Sata’s tribalism would later haunt Zambia and has found expression in the current debate. And as always, it seems it onky becomes tribalism when it is done by non Bembas and easterners. Bembas never get accused of being tribalists despite commiting similar acts as, say lozis or tongas.In fact, those who, at the height of the anti-Kabimba demos , accused the PF of being a tribal party were sternly warned of fermenting Hutu-Tusticique hatred , and threatened with possible arrest- the panick in these threat laden responses only comfirmed what had been clear all along. After a look at Sata’s cabinet , PSs and parastatals chiefs , you didn’t need much help to conclude that PF was indeed a tribal outfit. The 20 January election just provided the oportunity for the gennie to come out of the bottle. The people of North Western Rhodesia , or at least those of Barotseland are seemingly very
    hurt and set to undo the union with Zambia. Zambians need to acquaint themselves with the Barotse Agreement , and the history preceding the unification of NW Rhodesia and NE Rhodesia into N Rhodesia. Anyone familiar with the issue will appreciate the Zambian Gvt’s reluctance to submit to the international court.The Barotse Agreement is too clear to be misinterpreted . If history is anything to go by, we should not rule out the emergence of a new addition to the global community of states in the not too distant future.Federalism may yet be the only answer which could prevent the unravelling of the entity we know as Zambia – for to the purists, Zambia and most other African countries are not nations but simply states. And it may just be a matter of time before this reality dawns on some of them. Sata’s undisguised tribalism hastened this reality on Zambia.
    Africa within the next 10 or so years. Zamba

    Rotten Teeth
    January 31, 2015 at 5:51 pm

  15. I can assure everyone that had UPND left Sakwiba Sikota to lead it, UPND would already have made government today. What makes it worse is when you have people like Munkombwe, Madyenkuku talk tribalism in front of HH and HH nodes without condemning such talk. Or Only smiles and lifts the hand of such a one? When you have people say UPND can only be led by a Tonga and HH and Gary Nkombo just smile. That’s were the problem is. How do you think other Zambians feel towards such a party? And how do you think Zambians see a party that has all the signs of being a Bemba party but puts an easterner, a Nsenga as it’s leader? Tell me? And how do Zambians see such a party when it puts a Lozi woman as it’s Vice President? UPND has a lot of work to convince Zambians that it is not a tribal party. Maybe it can start by having a convention where it can choose a Lamba, chokwe, Lozi, Soli or Tumbuka as it’s leader. Why already is there talk that Gary Nkombo another Tonga should takeover? And is HH wamuyaya? Don’t you think people are seeing this? How many times has HH stood as a presidential candidate? Is it to agree that only a Tonga can lead UPND? I can assure you it will be difficult for me to vote UPND in 2016 even if they travel with Mutati in their entourage.

    Mwakamba Andala
    January 31, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    • See where you’re already skewed! You mention Munkombwe and Madyenkuku yet you zero in on HH! You want HH to condemn the two yet you are skirting them! Why don’t you castigate the two and move on to advise HH to keep away from such characters? I see no end to this very boring neither here nor there discussion.

      February 1, 2015 at 3:22 am

    • The people talking about replacing HH with Gary Nkombo are PF tribalist whose agender is to paint UPND as a tribal party. Gary Nkombo made is statement yesterday were he cleared stated that he has no intention of replacing HH

      Zed Patriot
      February 1, 2015 at 3:43 am

      • Warning to UPND,
        Do not allow devils to penetrate the PARTY by changing the party President as at now. You will just destroy UPND. I am a sympathiser of UPND helping to mobilise the party in Eastern province and the PRESIDENT HEREB IN EASTERN PROVINVE PEOPLE KNOW IS HH. TO START CHANGING THE NAME WILL CONFUSE THE ELOCTORATES. I BEG YOU. I KNOW THE FORCE IS COMING FROM THE PEOPLE THAT FEAR HH OUTSIDE. LEAVE US TO COMPLETE OUR JOB HERE IN EASTERN PROVINCE.

        February 2, 2015 at 6:28 am

  16. Your writing is very shallow. Are you really a professor? Detach personal views when writing such articles to be taken serious.

    Jacob Zume
    January 31, 2015 at 6:56 pm

  17. @ Mwakamba Andala, it’s people like you who are compounding the issue of tribalism by deliberately propagating lies & promoting tribal hatred. To begin with no one ever said UPND can only be led a tonga. What was said at the time by Mudyekuku( who is currently a PF member) was that according the the existing tribal balancing arrangement within UPND at the time the presidency should go to a Tonga candidate since other tribes were represented at other positions within the party structure. That, however, did not disqualify Sikota from contesting

    Zed Patriot
    February 1, 2015 at 3:37 am

  18. People who are quick to point a finger at others do not realize that three of their own fingers are pointing back at them.
    When you (Chama or Mwila of PF) accuse a party that is not in government of tribalism and nepotism, are you ready to declare yourselves clean by telling the public about the composition of Sata’s Cabinet?
    Many north-westerners lost jobs at cabinet office and who had replaced them? Can you produce a full list of MPs and people in diplomatic mission and where they hail from.
    You will realize that government under Sata was the most tribalistic and nepotistic, followed by Rupiah’s government. KK, Chiluba and Mwanawasa did not exhibit high levels of tribalism and nepotism. Thank God PF has a younger new leader who has an opportunity to correct the situation failure to which 2016 will render PF as a one term government.

    Kabiki Katombela
    February 1, 2015 at 6:14 am

    • Not MPs but Permanent Secretaries (PSs)

      Kabiki Katombela
      February 1, 2015 at 7:47 am

  19. True! This Garry Nkombo issue is a PF agenda to try and cement the idea that only a Tonga can lead UPND and also knowing that Garry likes the good life like Nevers Mumba or Bembas generally, he would be tempted to overate himself and push for a rebellion against HH. The PF is dead scared of HH and would be happy to see him replaced as UPND president. But Garry has shown maturity by ignoring all these schemes. True again that the professor is not really saying anything specific to solve the tribalism problem and its origins. As mentioned above Zambians should understand the two key people involved in deviding the nation are Fred Mmembe and Michael Sata. Fred Mmembe has since 2006 been calling the people of southern province all sorts of derogatory tribalistic terms to get at his arch enemy HH while Sata hit the last nail by excluding Northern Western Rhodesians from appointments and benefiting from national resources as seen in the two universities being built in Muchinga province. The best solution I’m afraid is to split the nation into two like what existed before 1911. After all the Barotse agreement is not in force. First let those with all the info on the two nations and boundaries publicise them.

    February 1, 2015 at 6:34 am

  20. Tribalism is a Lion in the waiting…..we are busy speaking English and encouraging hate…wait until the Lion called tribalism starts eating you up…..If we allow this to cross the line no one will have the answer to what will follow.

    February 1, 2015 at 8:04 am

  21. am an easterner but i wouldnt anyone to lead upnd lets tongas or lozis also be heard why should it be always bembas or easterners thats why we cant progress

    chikumbutso banda
    February 1, 2015 at 8:09 am

  22. The biggest mistake the Founding Fathers made on this subject was fear of tribalism and the actual fight agaist tribalism. They were just fearing the unknown!Remember Kaunda did not have a tribe in Zambia -he wanted others to be like him – tribeless!

    They should have simply accepted and understood the dynamics of tribalism for them to nurture and control it in the equitable intersets of the Nation. Tribalism is not a curse! All you need is to have structures, systemes, institutions and laws that promote co-existence in diversity.

    Tribalim is natural and a Gods creation, just like there are different species of fish, trees, aninals, different faces for individuals. All Creation should not look and be the same. Differences, just like changes, is one of the constsnts that support existence!

    There is totally nothing wrong with Tribalism per se!

    February 1, 2015 at 10:01 am

  23. Mwakamba Andala, this has nothing to do with Sakwiba not being President of UPND. HH was elected and not imposed. Why do want to impose someone people did not want. Just shut up if you have nothing to say. UPND are working well with the Lozis, that’s why they voted UPND in the just ended by election. The problem is the Bemmbas who are so tribal. Look at all the appointment. UPND did far better than PF in Western Province and we shall do better in 2016 than PF in WP. This is the reason Zambia should be split because you cannot condemn PF for its Tribalism. Instead you want to see tribalism where there is no tribalism. Useless idiots. We feed you and you insult us.

    February 1, 2015 at 12:30 pm

  24. Very nice picture you have. Who is the man behind Grey Zulu and the one behind Sikota Wina, even the one behind Arthur Wina? Mwema veterans help us

    Ba Ntamba Lukuta
    February 1, 2015 at 2:15 pm

  25. The so called prof. is just advertising his books. Selling an important subject for a few coins of silver whilst blood is being spilt,tongas and Upnd members are being hounded out and being asalted in markets and bus stations. It’s such kind of people like Mwezenge who have helped destroy this country. Instead of coming out in the open to ask Sata and PF THEN to stop tribalism, the so called prof. was hiding in his Ivory tower. This a forum for very important matters not selling books. The bembas have done a lot of tribalistic damage to this country and need TO be stopped.

    kaya mwandini
    February 1, 2015 at 3:26 pm

  26. When Xaviour Chungu resighned as Kasama Central member of parliament,Mr Mugala a well known business man stood on the MMD ticket. Mugala is a northerner, now muchinga or from Muyombe. He is Namwanga. If you were there to listen to what the bembas were calling mugala you would not like to have functional ears.It was tribalism at it’s pick. This was being done on radio mano a bemba radio station. You can not speak Namwanga on this radio. Infact they used to say us bembas we can not vote for someone from muyombe, we would rather vote for Nakabola, MHSRIP ( a mad woman). For us bembas as long as SATA says vote for this one we will vote. Why all this kind of warpped talk. It is tribalism. Namwangas,Lungus and Mambwes are not considered as human beings. I heard one man say 5 namwangas breans = 1 bemba’s. No one condemned all this worst kind of tribalism. Please Mwazenga re write your article.

    no trueth
    February 1, 2015 at 3:40 pm

  27. Unfortunately it is these namwangas and other inferior considered tribes by bembas who feel very bemba in the eyes of non bembas.

    February 1, 2015 at 4:35 pm

  28. What the author has written is a well researched information but the status quo has changed. Zambia is now for the bembas largely that is why even Lungu campaigned in bemba evry where. The danger is that other tribes have realised this and have known the lost privileges by their children. KK and team could have done their homework. All they did was to supress the time-bomb. The time-bomb is now about to burst.

    February 1, 2015 at 7:24 pm

  29. I put all the blame on political Leadership both ruling and opposition for fueling tribalism. They have done little to stem the tide of tribalism. No one is going to win when this country is thrown into tribal violence. We do not want to be another South Sudan.

    February 2, 2015 at 6:40 am

  30. If we are to hold a conference as UPND would we accept a bemba,lozi or any other tribe to lead UPND? If the answer is yes then UPND is not tribal. Both parties are tribal but Southerners are the worst. Every pure tonga is UNPD. The whole province is UPND. Infact if you want to kill the UNPD introduce Mutati or any other tribe other than tonga the the party will never receive massive support from southern province. Surely it is unfair for HH to expect to garneer support from other provinces when his tribesmen are giving non to other tribes. IN 2001 tongas all voted for UPND (Mazoka), 2006 during Mwanawasa despite being a lamba, they refused to vote for him they voted for UPND under HH, 2008, they couldnt vote for Rupiah, 2011 they did not vote for Sata, 2015 they couldnt for for Edgar. There were constituences were Edgar was coming out with 0 and yet HH was coming second in Northen and other provinces. Even with the UPND party there is a lot of segregation. It is only after realising that UPND cannot make it with other tribes have they tried to be ‘a bit’ inclusive. My fear is why has UPND condoned such tribalism all along? Leaders like Mutati, Maureen do not really know what they are doing. Becuase Mwanawasa was accused of coming to power through a stolen vote. Even HH said 2015 has reminded us of how we were robbed of victory though an election. HH is a nice schemer some people are being used to fight a tonga uprising. All the cousins like lozi, kaonde, whatever are just being used as porns. If HH wins they will serious tribal conflicts in the in zambia. UPND is not different from ANC. Let HH denounce tribalism from his people. Tongas, let us be an example tell everyone to stop talking tribal. Use of too much tonga during party meetings in UPND just puts other people off. I have discovered that if you want to be accepted join them. even Canisius banda I am sure is not so comfortable with the the tribal tag.

    phenza christentia
    February 2, 2015 at 12:22 pm

  31. The article is very basic and lacks substance. Learn to point out evil by its name and give solutions if posible. This tribalism issue will one day kill some bembas and they will understand why some wise bembas do not talk about it. Journalist of bemba speaking like Mwamba Emmanuel, Mukwita, Kelly’s Kaunda and few others are victims of promoting such evils. The Post newspaper and pernalised papers, Radio stations, even Televisions must stop promoting such useless discussions which has ended up in flaming the fire of tribalism. HH in his campaigns used bemba songs to prove to some foolish bembas that we are all one. But that is when the agly head of tribalist is now being pronounced more by the likes of a Chama PF SG who thinks Tongas owe him something. Insults towards Tongas are everywhere and Edgar Lungu is smailling like he did at Heros stadium when he was being declared President of Zambia. When Tongas and many others who voted for Hakainde Hichilema are considered to be dogs and being beaten in streets and homes you think we will keep quiet and just look? I think time will come when reflections in such activities will make us look away and decide the way forward. For now I urge PF SG, Chama to watch his mouth because no one is immuned to problems which many Zambians are passing through. We need to change government and let capable leaders take over our affairs.

    February 2, 2015 at 2:10 pm

  32. Thank you Prof Mwizenge, the unity we’ve had in Zambia needs to be preserved and cherished indeed.
    I’ve been a regular visitor on facebook where young Zambians are really divisive, naive and very tribal in their comments and attitude!
    When the Kapwepwe’s , Mainza Chona’s and all those in the leadership(political) came out of that crisis in 1968 they went all out to preach tribal unity and that led to the spread of the “One Zambia One Nation” motto!
    We would do well to do something and do it soon for the sake of peace in Zambia!
    I suggest the setting up of a Commission for Inter-racial and Inter-tribal Reconciliation ( CIRITREC). This should work to educate the majority of young Zambian voters to tolerate and accept any Zambian who qualifies to run for elections for Parliament or even for President!

    C H Malambo
    February 2, 2015 at 8:01 pm

  33. Wow… Obviously I was born after indpendece. I didn’t even know that due to tribalism Dr Kaunda had resigned!

    I haven’t read all the comments, but I have read Enough so far to see that Tribalism is still rife among us. Most of the comments are not providing a solution to end tribalism, but instead some individuals continue to bring up tribal incidents which is just fueling the ugly fire about to be ignited!

    Unlike most of you commenting, I am not a scholar, I am an ordinary person who just want a peaceful country for the future generations. All you highly educated people with time to research what formula have you found so far to unite Zambia.

    Please offer solutions, stop adding salt to the wound. The potential fire is bigger and hotter to be put off merely by intellectual reasoning …. God help Us!!

    February 9, 2015 at 7:57 am

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