‘Hired’ cadres report Mutati to police for failing to pay them

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Embattled MMD faction leader Felix Mutati was last Saturday reported to Police after he failed to pay some cadres he hired. Mutati who was recently dismissed as Minister of Works and Supply, launched the MMD provincial card renewals in Lusaka at Government Complex on Saturday.

Mutati during the event said that his firing from Government was a blessing in disguise because he now would organize the MMD openly and freely so that he contests in 2021.

However, Mutati through his faction’s National Secretary a Mr. Raphael Nakachinda hired cadres from around the eightdistrict of Lusaka. One Rosa bus came from each of these eight district. These Cadres were promised that they would be given lunch and allowances for attending this event.

But to their shock, they weren’t given lunch nor allowances. Nakachinda through a former member of the MMD, a Mr. Charles Kaile only managed to give them Mutati branded chitenges and payment for the buses they hired. However, this didn’t go well with most of the Cadres because they had sang and danced for Mutati the whole day on an empty stomach. Charles Kaile assured them that they would receive their allowances on Monday. However, a group of women who had come from Chirundu district didn’t take Mutati’s failure to honor his end lightly. Once they reached chirundu, they decided to go to the district police station and report him for Fraud. Here, the Officer in Charge called the MMD District Chairman, a Mr. Vlhakis to find out what went wrong.

Mr. Vlhakis who was ignorant about Mutati’s event told the Officer In charge that MMD didn’t have any event in Lusaka on that day and that if Mutati failed to pay them, the Women should report Mutati and not the MMD. Mr. Vhlakis who later rushed to the Police station to meet these Women, advised them to avoid being used by desperate people like Mutati.


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