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Hillary Clinton drags the US into the 21st century

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

By Munyonzwe Hamalengwa, Ph.D.

The 21st Century as the Century of the Woman continues to take shape as Hillary Clinton shatters the glass ceiling in the US by being the first Woman to win the Presidential nomination of a major party in US history.   That was done on July 26th, 2016. Hillary has literally dragged the US into the 21st Century. I believe that she will beat Donald Trump for the US presidency thereby becoming the first woman to be President of the US.

In that department, the US has lagged behind countries like Britain, Germany, Ireland,Australia, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Israel, Srilanka, Phillipines, Brazil, Chile, Liberia, Malawi, Argentina and other countries. However, the breakthrough by the US is a major marker in world history given the outsize role the US plays in world politics. The triumph of Hillary has to be celebrated.

After the election of President Obama,an African-American, it remained to be followed by a Woman. That has now happened. Thus diversity continues to reign supreme in world affairs. It is important that the Obama Presidency be followed by another democratic rule because a Republican leadership under a Trump Presidency would roll back the sanity Obama had built in world affairs. Let’s hope that Hillary will not try to flex her muscles too much believing that she should not be seen to be weak because she is a woman. Margaret Thatcher of Britain tried to overcompensate too much.

Zambia is on course with the trend that this 21st Century is the Century of the Woman. The new President of the Law Association of Zambia,is a woman, Linda Kasonde, the first woman to be so elected in Zambian history. The Dean of Zambia’s first Law School at the School of Law at The University of Zambia is a woman. The Chief Justice is a woman as is the Vice-President of Zambia.

The question asked a long time ago by the first female Supreme Court of Canada Justice Bertha Wilson still remains to be answered, “Will Women Judges Make a Difference”? With Hillary at the helm of world politics starting on January 20, 2017, that question will now be more urgently applied to the politics of this world. Hopefully, the question will be positively answered.

Dr. Munyonzwe Hamalengwa teaches Law at the School of Law at Zambian Open University and is the author of The Politics of Judicial Diversity which is on sale at Arcades’s Planet Books.


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