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Hike in Fuel price saddens Consumers Association

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The Zambia consumers association (ZACA) says the hike in the prices of fuel is a sad development.

ZACA executive secretary Samuel simutunda has told qfm news in an interview that the increase in the prices of commodities was expected looking at the way the kwacha has been performing lately.

Mr.Simutunda notes that the removal of fuel subsidies has also contributed to the hike in the price of fuel citing that government should consider putting back the subsidies on fuel and maize for the sake of the poor Zambians.

Mr.Simutunda says that the country is getting into a serious situation where all the prices of commodities are rising every day due to the weak kwacha adding that this will be a burden to a common consumer as they will not be able to afford basic commodities.

Mr.Simutunda stresses that government should have held on to increasing the price of fuel considering what the Zambians are going through at the moment.

He says it is disappointing that the patriotic front government has totally failed to fulfill the campaign promise it made to the people of Zambia that of putting more money in their pockets but has instead continued to take away money from their pockets.

Mr.Simutunda has further advised government to come up with measures that will help lessen the burden that is being put on the Zambia such as the rise in fuel and mealie meal prices.


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