High unemployment a ticking time bomb – HH

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HH disembarking from the bus

HH at Kabwata market

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says the high unemployment levels in Zambia is a ticking time bomb.

In his message below after visiting Kabwata market in Lusaka where he was campaigning for his mayoral candidate Chileshe Kangwa, Hichilema or HH as he is commonly referred to said the issue of unemployment needs urgent address.

We must urgently prioritize employment creation in our country as it is a ticking time bomb that can create instability if not well addressed.

This was evident when we toured Kabwata Constituency with our party Vice-president Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Lusaka mayoral candidate Pastor Kangwa Chileshe and several party officials.

And part of our wider plan is promote small businesses and empower them with affordable loan facilities and creating an enabling environment for them to thrive.

We fully interacted with our citizens who expressed various concerns such as being victimised in trading places including fear of being removed if they freely expressed themselves on the mismanagement of the economy and other ills in our country.

We encouraged them to be brave enough and remain hopeful.

This is your country, my country and our country and all public property belong to us all, and when attacked by law breakers, please defend yourselves as it is not only your fundamental human right but constitutional too.

To the people of Lusaka, you know the challenges that have been imposed on you and we only appeal to you to do the right thing and that is voting for our mayoral candidate.

In him, we place our plan for better alternative trading spaces for our street vendors. Safe and clean water for all, no more land grabbing by unruly party members, no more lawleness in bus stations and markets as we will ensure that all Zambians look for income with equity and not based on their political affiliation.

Through Pastor Kangwa Chileshe, we assure you that we will end hooliganism in order to make Lusaka safe for all.

Yes, there are no jobs, education is expensive, mealie meal prices are high and the business environment can no longer give hope to a youth and mother from Mtendere, Kalingalinga, Kuku, Kanyama, Zingalume, Ng’ombe, Lilanda, Marapodi and many other places but you can trust us that we will work to eradicate these challenges based on our vision of growing our country’s economy.

May God bless our Capital city and our country,



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