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Hichilema’s two years of failure and starvation

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Today, Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND clock two years since they were put in office.

The test here is simple: just walk to the nearest shop or supermarket and check the current price of mealie meal.

Compare that to the price before Mr Hichilema was put into office. The answer you get will tell you whether you wasted putting them in office or not.

Are you not surprised how the UPND can be this dead silent on its anniversary? Tafili bwino, nafipena!

It knows that fact as well and is lost for words and lies to justify its incompetence.

The truth is, for the last two years Mr Hichilema and his “champion’s league” government have been “methodically” pushing this country and its citizens into poverty and starvation.

The leadership failure of this regime is not just a matter of ideology or policy but also a boomerang of lies, deceit and manipulation. It has been caught and stands exposed in humiliation and shame.

If two years of Mr Hichilema’s corrupt, puppetry leadership is this bad, how will five years be?

Ba Zambia mwali yi gong’a!

Fred M’membe


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