Hichilema’s exemplary leadership commended

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Renowned political analyst and international human rights lawyer Elder Mabhunu has commended UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for leading by example in the fight against coronavirus also known as covid 19.

Hichilema has been at the forefront calling for united efforts in dealing with the deadly pandemic. He did not end in talking only, but went on to donate a number of goods to be used in the fight.

Yesterday, (8 April 2020) he donated 300 thermometers, soaps, sanitizer, meat and 200 bags of mealie meal. And promised to continue giving a hand on a regular basis and he thanked the government for receiving items on behalf of the people.

Talking about joining forces with government in the fight, Hichilema said; “Adversity not only tests us but it can either destroy or build us. We choose the latter and we believe we shall emerge stronger as a nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, commenting on the donation, Mabhunu said Hichilema should be commended for the good work he is doing.
“Most opposition leaders world over would wish the government to fail, so that they capitalise on the blame game.

“However, Hichilema has shown great maturity in politics. As an opposition leader, he understands that he is the alternative leader of the country and exhibited responsibility,” he said.

He added that being a leader is not all about being at the State House, but being where the people are.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front (PF) media director Sunday Chanda recently came under fire for demeaning Hichilema’,s donations of soap and hand sanitizers towards the fight against the novel Coronavirus.
Chanda had also suggested that Hichilema should have donated cash instead of materials.

Chanda also went as far as saying that what Hichilema was donating could have been laced with the deadly virus.

But, he got a backlash for his bad-mouthed sentiments, with some telling him not to politicise everything including people’s lives. Some citizens took it to various social media platforms to call Chanda to order.

Some reminded him that even his own party boss President Edgar Lungu has been on record calling for those who can afford, to chip in and help.


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