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Hichilema won’t manage to break or intimidate me – M’membe

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Opposition Socialist Party president Fred M’membe who is detained outskirt of Lusaka says President Hakainde Hichilema won’t manage to break or intimidate him.

In a message below this night, Dr. M’membe who calls himself as a Revolutionary Leader says he is ready for Hichilema:


I’m now in the cells at Westwood Police Station trying to settle down in this extremely harsh environment provided by Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

Don’t be worried about me as I’m okay under the circumstances. I’m now fully alive and prepared for Mr Hichilema’s pettiness and vindictiveness. But he won’t manage to break or intimidate me. I’m beyond intimidation. I passed that stage in my life a long time ago.

There is no question that Mr Hichilema and his corrupt puppet regime’s resolve to destroy this country and turn us into a banana republic.

They want to kill our democracy and our cherished freedoms, rights and rule of law. These rogues are behaving like they didn’t come to power through democratic processes.

They’re ignorant cowards who hate democracy. And if we are not careful enough and begin tolerating their irresponsible and dangerous actions and behavior, we might end up with a sham presidential and parliamentary election in 2026. Remember that these are people who see nothing wrong with the recent primitive and illegal process that gave birth to current confusion in PF.

No wonder they’re supporting the hungry rogues to take over the PF on behalf of Mr. Hichilema. So what can stop these misfits from doing the same thing again with the 2026 general elections?

Zambians beware of this lunacy and confusion that this corrupt puppet UPND regime and Mr. Hichilema, who are supposed to protect and defend our Constitution are encouraging and supporting.

We are a constitutional democracy, and in every constitutional democracy governments are expected to operate within the principles of constitutionalism and the rule of law and not this reign of arbitrariness. But there is absolutely no recourse to the due process of the law anymore under this failed government.

It’s really saddening to see what is happening and how the country’s governance institutions are being shredded into pieces through irresponsible and reckless decisions.

But like we keep saying, Mr. Hichilema and his league are not clever, and whatever they are doing has nothing to do with courage but sheer excitement with power, which will backfire badly.

They will be made to answer for their lawlessness.

They thought governance was a walk in the park but now that reality has dawned, they’re feeling the pressure and having a breakdown.

But they will not succeed. They will pay dearly for this. They will be taught a harsh lesson about people-power and what an oppressed and suppressed citizenry can do to safeguard its interests and protect their country.

Mr Hichilema lacks the intelligence, wisdom and emotional capacity to steer this nation forward. He is a burden to our democracy and unity as a nation.

Time will tell!

Aluta continua!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


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