HH’s failure to tell his successful story

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By Dr Mulindi Mwanahamuntu

In the end HH has been incapable of defending natural wealth building. He has been incapable of defending himself by attesting that he was an evaluator of property not the saler of mines.
He has failed to even say weather he was a worker of an evaluating company not the valuer in his personal capacity.
He has failed to explain why as a citizen, should not have been expected to buy property on LUSE when Beny Mwila was allowed to buy farms associated with national service when he was minister of defence, nor how Benny Mwiinga would buy Manchinchi lodge a property that fell in his ministry of housing upon privatization.
He has failed to elucidate how one cow can lead to ten cows.
He has failed to sale a story of personal struggle that leads to overall growth.
Within that vacuum of meekness, all hue of politicians are now at liberty to propound unresolved dogma of sharing poverty ( communism) or of directly sharing national spoils plus overheads (corruption).
It now remains a game of how low we can go as a country. A long story of opposition incompetence.

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