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HH with Ms Musonda and GBM

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has warned ECZ chairperson Justice Esau Chulu to withdraw the 275 presiding officers he wants to engage in tomorrow’s Chilanga parliamentary by-election.

Waving the list of officers from ECZ, Hichilema told the crowd gathered at Game and Fisheries grounds Sunday afternoon that he had unearthed a scam were ECZ wants to help the PF candidate win the by-election.

He said he sent a message to Judge Esau Chulu and warned him against making ECZ the source of conflict in the country and that the UPND is aware of plans to help the PF win the aeat.

Hichilema said his party will send its officials to ECZ and tell Judge Chulu to halt the scam and let elections be free and fair.

According to Hichilema, the decision by the Commission to allow elections agents to vote in the coming by elections was not communicated to stakeholders because it is a plan to assist PF win elections.

He has immediately directed his Secretary General Stephen Katuka to seek clarification from the commission on why stakeholders were not communicated to about the 275 elections Presiding officers allowed to vote on the coming elections.

Hichilema suspects that the PF is confident of winning the Chilanga seat because it is banking on the 275 extra votes from the election agents which has been organised by the commission without the knowledge of the stakeholders including and other violent strategies.

“I am reliably informed that the agents have been given the right to vote. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the PF is confident of winning the Chilanga seat,” said Hichilema.

He also said that Esau Chulu has made ECZ the source of confusion in the country because he usually gives an upper hand to one party in a competitive election.”

He said elections at any given situation should not be a source of conflicts but unite the people in the same way businesses and church do.

And Hichilema thanked the people of Chilanga that braved the PF threats to attend the rally organised to drum up support for UPND candidate Charmaine Mehl.

He said the action by the people of Chilanga shows that they are determined to vote for the UPND candidate in the coming bye election.

Hichilema was particularly happy that National Democratic Congress consultant Chishimba Kambwili found time to join him and solicit for a vote Mehl in Chilanga.

He said with the help of NDC and others in place, the task of removing the PF will now be easy.

Hichilema said for a long time, the people of Zambia have been looking forward for the day when political leaders will unite to remove the clique of individuals that have caused great pain to the country.

He said genuine leaders have a duty to liberate people from a selfish government that has ganged up to destroy the country.

Hichilema said the UPND will accept any help from the people of good will in their quest to remove PF because they have caused so much pain to the people of Zambia.

He said everyone knows that the PF is on rampage to destroy the country but wondered why some people will go out of their way to support the PF.

A few years ago, Hichilema explained that some individuals looting the country have within a short period amassed a lot wealth for themselves.

He also indicated that citizens have a duty to support the people fighting for their freedom. “Come five June, the vote should go one way to Charmaine Musonda Mehl.”

Furthermore Hichilema ticked off President Edgar Lungu for signing a $500 million sovereign guarantee when ZESCO only needed $350 million.

“If ZESCO only wanted a loan of $350 million who took the extra $150 million and why did it take the President to sign the loan which should have been signed by the Minister of Finance?’ wondered Hichilema.

He urged the people of Chilanga not to vote for PF otherwise they will be endorsing suffering and the looting of public resources as already witnessed in the manner the PF was looting public funds.

Similarly, Hichilema asked the people of Chilanga that got angry after the police arrested him on a trumped charged to vote for UPND Candidate.

He said the people should continue with door to door campaigns for Charmaine and should not be scared because doing so will only perpetrate their sufferings.

President Hichilema assured the people of Chilanga that victory for UPND is certain despite manoeuvers by the PF to steal the election.

He said all the people need to do is wake up early in the morning and cast their vote and leave the rest to him and the party.

He said Charmaine has an upper hand over the PF candidate because she has an extra vote from the NDC and other stakeholders.

He also advised Charmaine not to be a boss for the people of Chilanga and the people of Lusaka when she wins an election but be a servant of them all.

Meanwhile President Hichilema disclosed that there are four other impeachment motions are waiting for President Lungu.

He said each time they reject one, another will be introduced until he is kicked out of office.

And speaking earlier UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba advised the people of Chilanga to learn from their past mistakes.

He said President Lungu told the people of Zambia that he had no vision but the people went ahead to vote for him.

Dr Mwamba reminded the crowds that together with President Hichilema they told Zambians that Edgar Lungu has no vision and no interest in the people of Zambia.

In fact, it was Lungu himself who confessed that he had no vision but you went ahead to vote for him. What were you trying to prove,now we are all suffering and much of our land is gone to foreigners” he said

He claimed that him and Kambwili who formed PF were kicked out by tribalists and visionless people who had joined the Party.

He said after being kicked out of the party he helped form, he followed HH because he has the vision and capacity to rule the country.

He urged the people not to be cheated by the PF because not long time ago, the PF government demolished their markets and were left without trading place.

He assured the vendors that the UPND government will create better vending sites for vendors whose shops were demolished.

He also assured the drivers that they will have to renew their drivers license once very after five years.

Meanwhile Kambwili asked not only the people of Chilanga but every Zambian to forgive him because he made efforts to make Edgar Lungu become President and this has caused so much pain to the people of Zambia.

He said he worked hard to ensure that Lungu became President and little did he know that the man he was making President would be a pain in the fresh of the people.

He said he was motivated to make Lungu President after GBM had invaded PF’s stronghold.

“To counter the influence of GBM, I had to go out of my way to counter what he had done in the PF stronghold thinking that what I was doing was good.I apologise” said Dr Kambwili.

Dr Kambwili later explained that it was unfortunate that the people he fought for have turned out to be thieves.

He said for him it is a worst of time to call Edgar Lungu President because he is not the right person to rule Zambia.

“There is a great difference between Sata and Lungu because late Sata was working for the people while Lungu is working for his pockets.”

He accussed Edgar Lungu that 64 workers were dismissed from State house because they were either Tonga or lozi.

He said if the people of Chilanga vote for PF they are ignorant because no one in PF deserves a vote.

He said Lungu deserves to be taken to prison immediately after swearing in a new President.

He said the people of Chilanga should show Lungu that he is not needed and give the UPND candidate Charmaine a vote to increase the number of MPs to impeach Lungu.

He said the impeachment is still on and will require people to vote against Lungu when the motion begins in parliament.

And Mehl speaking at the same occasion said she is humbled by the overwhelming support she has received from the party leadership and the people of Chilanga.

She said the people of Chilanga will not regret voting for her because her party has a vision for the Constituency

Ms Mehl thanked the NDC Consultant Dr Kambwili and his party officials for the support rendered to him.




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