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HH president of Zambia? May be in 2115 – Chama

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Davies Chama

Davies Chama

HH arriving in Samfya

HH arriving in Samfyaof

Patriotic Front Secretary Davies Chama says opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president would only be president of Zambia not during this generation.
In an interview with the Zambian Eye’s Correspondent Mwatitha Lubinda, Chama stated that the UPND president will perhaps only come to power in the year 2115.
The PF Secretary General explained that that’s is why he can never ran away into asylum, if the opposition leader were to be given an opportunity to ran this country because his opportunity to ran this nation will not come during his (Chama) lifetime.
“Am not a coward I can never ran away because Hakainde will never be president, okay (and) assuming that he won the elections in 2115, hmmm in 2115, In the likelihood that he won. I can never ran away because in my entire life I have always been in the opposition, no no no Hakainde can never scare me, no WHO IS this uncircumcised philistine who can scare me?” he asked.
And Chama castigated those fueling confusion in the opposition Movement for Multi party Democracy (MMD) indicating that the move is a sign that some opponents are scared of the alliance between the two political parties.
He stated that the tension in the MMD is well known as they are instigated by people that know the future of the party.
“Alliances if you set conditions there are no preset conditions the fact that people have heard that you want to set alliances they will instigate a lot of confusion because they wanted to form an alliance with you. But I have always said that the biggest alliance you can ever have is with the Zambian people. That is the biggest alliance you can ever have. So these internal tension in the MMD are well known and are sponsored by the UPND. Its because they are scared that if PF and MMD come together they don’t have chance to win these elections,” stated Chama.
But UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka said the PF Secretary General’s remarks are irresponsible childish and foolish because choosing a leader is not based on an individual but on the people’s choice .
Katuka noted that it’s not for Chama to decide who will rule this country but the people will judge according to the manner they are running the affairs of the country.
He observed that Chama has no political history compared to the UPND leader for him to give judgement on political journey of an individual and a party.
“The Patriotic Front Secretary General has no political history. Have you ever heard of him anywhere? The decision as to who wins an election depends on the people’s choice. Am alive to the fact that there were some people in 2011 who swore that PF will never rule this country but these same people are today serving in this same party, its not for Chama to decide who will run the affairs of this country but the peoples choice. It’s irresponsible childish and foolish thinking for the Patriotic Front Secretary General to utter those words,” Katuka charged.
He indicated that any party serving in the opposition is a government in waiting and can offer better alternatives to the electorates adding that the PF has let the people down in the manner they are handling national affairs.
“For people who have been around like me I have seen a better Zambia before independence and after but what is pertaining today is due to lack of leadership in the ruling party. Zambia is a beautiful country endowed with so many natural resources that are underutilized,” Katuka explained.


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