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HH orders Police to deal with the ritual murders

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The police must deal with the ritual murders that have rocked Lusaka. We cannot have innocent citizens being murdered in cold blood when we have the police that must deal with these heinous crimes.

The police must do their work and catch the murderers whoever they are. The failure by police to deal with these heinous crimes has brought about these riotous behaviour.

As these riots continue to spread across various parts of Lusaka we are re-stating our call for calm and an immediate end to violence. What hurts one of us hurts us all and violence will never serve as an answer to these ritual murders.

For decades Zambia has been known as a friendly and welcoming nation, particularly for our history of housing freedom fighters and refugees over the years. We are also known as a Christian nation in which the values of love and peace are sacred.

Yet today we are faced with the reality that we are fast becoming a nation living in fear and in the dark. Reports of brutal xenophobic attacks have shocked many of us and we must now all join together in condemning these actions, as well as calling on and supporting the law enforcement agencies to swiftly bring the perpetrators of these ritual murders to book.

We also call on the executive arm of Government to act proactively and provide direction as the ongoing action mainly targeting foreigners has the potential to endanger the lives of Zambians living abroad.

Beyond this, these riots should be a wake up call that the increasing levels of inequality, hunger and suffering in Zambia directly threaten to destroy our treasured peace and stability, as well as the safety of our friends and loved ones. High levels of frustration and anger among our people have created fertile ground for events to spiral out of control and when a government does not listen and people are suffering this then spills out onto the streets.

The police should act swiftly to restore order and arrest suspects. We however have to face up to the fact that commonplace impunity and political interference in the duties of law enforcement agencies has undermined our institutions and created a context in which such situations can quickly escalate out of control.

As we pray to God to bring us back to the light and the love of his embrace, please join us in calling for calm and condemning all acts of violence.

We sympathise with the affected families that have lost our beloved brothers and sisters in these unacceptable ritual murders and riots.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


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